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    BYU Cougar true freshman Dallin Leavitt, a highly-recruited safety coming out of Portland, Oregon, has been "very impressive" while playing with the first-team defense at cornerback, at least according to his head coach.

    with injuries hampering the more experienced cornerbacks on the roster, Leavitt has been given the opportunity to step in and show his stuff. and, apparently, so far it's been good enough to potentially be a starter when the Cougars open at Virginia in a few weeks.

    of course, time will tell, but the early notice is certainly worth mentioning.

    Leavitt doesn't much look like a traditional cornerback, after all he's White. but he isn't built like your traditional corner, either. he's a jacked-up 205 pounds at 6-foot. his power is eye-popping, especially for a position that is so frequently held by spindly-armed, non-tackling weaklings. as a 190-pound high school sophomore, Dallin power-cleaned 310 pounds. it's on video somewhere, too.


    the guy can flat out cover, though. in the NLA Elite 7-on-7 tournament in Las Vegas, opposing QBs failed to complete a pass to a receiver defended by Dallin. so a non-Caste-aware person might wonder why he was a "safety" prospect by all the "experts."

    his measurables are impressive: low 4.5 speed with a 36-inch vertical and a 520-pound squat. BYU coaches offered him the choice of playing running back or defensive back, and he chose defense ... to hit people.

    here's hoping he has a brilliant career!


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