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Discussion in 'High School Football' started by Twinkle Toes, May 14, 2013.

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    Feb 27, 2013
    I wish I had the computer savy to post articles but recently put out a list of their top 2014 linebacker prospects. I tend to follow more of the other skill position players and do not follow linebackers much but two things struck me funny.
    The article albeit short, mentioned that he did not look the part of a 4 star linebacker. This kid from Needham, Mass. apparently is only 6' and 240 pounds. What they were really implying is that he is to short. Right. Sure, no sarcasm here. The article then glowingly states that he had the lateral quickness and speed to run with running backs that were 50 pounds lighter than him. Okay.!
    At the end of the glowing reviews in the last sentence states " its a WONDER he does not have more offers ". :suspicious: Man what could it be?

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