College Football Conference Championships Week

Discussion in 'College Football' started by Shadowlight, Nov 29, 2018.

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    Mar 16, 2013
    I watched all of the Texas- Oklahoma and Alabama-Georgia games and then the two night games---with a little college basketball sprinkled in.

    I did not watch one second of that crap UCF-Memphis basketball on grass pansy fest. Just cannot watch that kind of football if that is what you want to call it.

    I was planning on watching the Stanford- Cal game but just checked in after WR Irwin left the game. JC makes good points about Patrick Laird a RB I thought would get drafted but that could get murky. California's offense reeks to high heaven and Laird is the only focus of the defense. I tuned out because WR Trent Irwin left early with a damn knee injury. Not sure of the severity. Hope to hell he is full speed by combine/draft time.

    Utah's Britain Covey will miss his bowl game. Again haven't got a full update on him either. Crap these late season knee injuries to key white WRs is a nightmare.

    NW put up a good fight for a lot of the Ohio State game and you have to love their two stalwart LBs Gallagher and Fisher. But Flynn Nagel was hobbling around clearly not anywhere near 100%. Yet another key white WR with late season issues.

    The Clemson game was pretty dull but they did what they had to do.

    They are going to choose the four teams in about two hours. It seems that Oklahoma will be the team added.

    Herbie last night wouldn't shut up about Georgia and how they belong. Yes they put up a good fight in what was I have to admit a great game. Alabama's back up QB Hurts came in and led them to two late scores to seal the deal.

    But Georgia got trounced by LSU. Funny how that doesn't matter. Yet when a Big Ten team loses it is forever a stain.

    The Big Ten may be left out in the cold for the third straight year. Funny that this great conference has the most white players out of the Power 5 yet they keep getting screwed over by the "eye test." Is it a coincidence they keep getting left out now as a routine?

    Oklahoma and their annoying QB predictably beat Texas in their second match up of the year.

    As Red points out above TE Grant Calcaterra is beginning to emerge as a possible NFL talent. Yet another downfield white TE threat. But overall Oklahoma is toxic.

    And you want strange? Alabama was putting in fleet junior S Keaton Anderson on long passing downs in the first half. Then he got called for roughing the punter and was never to be seen on defense again although he stayed on special teams. When white DBs make any kind of mistake it is goodnight nice to know you have a nice life. Good grief.
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    The only positive out of all of the games yesterday is Fromm asserted himself as a QB and not a "game manager". He has been held back all year by the conservative playcalling and run heavy offense. If UGA wanted to actually open up the offense he could easily be the catalyst of that offense. My hope is he does not get screwed over by Smart and gets to be the full time starter in 2019 and then bolts for the NFL. I am guilty of overlooking him but was very impressed. He torched Saban's affletic defense.

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