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Discussion in 'College Football Stars' started by Twinkle Toes, Jun 18, 2013.

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    Feb 27, 2013
    I hate to post a new thread on one guy but this could be significant.
    Colin Spencer the true freshman corner back going to Kansas and SPARQ leader by a skill position player has been moved to running back. As I thought Vic Wharton was the best white corner I have seen I thought Spencer was right with him. Finding out that Wharton has a black father puts a damper on things.
    The fact that Spencer is being moved to rb pisses me off. Kansas already has an athletic speedy rb in Brandon Bourbon and he seems to be stucjk behind 3 mediocre black running backs. What is the point of moving the greatest high school position athlete in SPARQ history to a position unfamiliar to him. This just sucks. I dont know Charlie Weiss' motivation for this but the dude should be starting at corner by next year. More caste system bs.

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