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    You would not know this from the way the media talks but the slaves in the USA were also born in sin just like all the rest of the human race. And like so many other historical people they were born under a system that was restrictive. And human suffering continues today unabated as we march through time. Many of the poor people in Appalachia have also been dealt a bad hand. Most experts agree that the worst suffering known to mankind is when parents lose their children ( often the younger the child the pain even more extreme) and we see this in the recent terrorist attacks or the bald kids with cancer you see on the Saint Jude ads that are struggling to survive.
    What the hell am I blabbing about? Life is a tough go and pain is an essential human characteristic. The problem with CNN of late is their inability to see the racial story through tougher lenses. They have taken the easy and cheap moralizing approach by painting black people as stand ins for Jesus Christ (patronizing and condescending if you ask me) and the white "overlords" as criminal and possibly evil. And statues, that most everyone has ignored until now as they are used as a power play, are not living breathing things but historical pieces rather than elements of worship like Christ on The Cross found in places of true worship found in churches.
    I see many artists vehemently protesting Trump and the "Saturday squall" that took place. Olivia Wilde is a lovely actress with a modicum of talent who was out there protesting in front of Trump Tower with other fellow actors etc.. I am sure it is of some comfort for many people who truly "believe" (although white guilt plays a huge role) they are being morally strong and that God approves. And in her mind she is giving her life some deeper meaning. I have no beef with peaceful protests whether I agree with them or not. The nuns who were marching in pink against recent wars is a perfect example of individuals who believe they are making the right moral choices.
    But as we have seen there are violent elements to the BLM and Antifa groups that could escalate into something truly terrifying as well. And I see no virtue in this violence. The point is you see it at CNN and at that much derided Trump press conference where the media mob was so certain in their moral superiority. I think the truth is/was that despite Trump condemning the white group that protested on Saturday ( he did it many times over the course of four days) the media was secretly upset that he did condemn them because they feel they are morally better than him and that it would be a shock to their system to think he has a moral code as well. The mere mention that good people could be opposed to statues being removed sent the media into a fury. And yes Trump is beyond clumsy but the main point of what he was saying ran counterpoint to the cheap moralizing of the media.
    The fact that the solid principles that this great country was founded on such as the right to peaceful assembly and not the right to assemble for or as a pretext to violence was pointed out but the media twisted it into a pretzel so they could proceed with their "Trump is immoral" narrative and to hell with the reality.
    The mere suggestion that white people should be afforded the same rights as "others" clearly upset the media which again goes back to the narrative that CNN has marinated in this past week that suggests black people are saintly and whites who don't completely tow that line are morally suspect. The truth is much tougher than that and true morality is NOT a self comforting self help construct that so many artists have fallen into but a complex and rigorous haul that at it's very heart is humility. Sadly CNN has failed mightily on that score. And on both ends of the spectrum Saturday with the feuding groups in Virginia the spirit of Jesus Christ and humility was NOWHERE to be seen.
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