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    Mar 16, 2013
    They are starting to multiply now. I don't know how much effect Taysom Hill has had this past year but all of a sudden there is a surge in the all everything Swiss army knife white athlete.

    They have been around for ages. Think the magnificent Eric Crouch. Too bad he isn't around today because he was Taysom Hill back when but NFL teams weren't open to utilizing white players like him as an all purpose offensive player.

    Meet Liam Clifford out of prestigious St Xavier HS in Ohio. 6'1" and 190 he is a dual threat QB who is listed as a WR/ATH recruit. He has 4.4 speed! Ultra talented.

    All the big boys are sniffing around including, don't pass out, Penn State.
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    His brother is Sean Clifford, starting Penn State QB. Excited to see Sean play and excited to see Liam in the future!
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