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    Great points Backrow. Actually, I just looked up the final rushing stats and was a bit surprised to see how close Elliott (Dallas) got to CMac in the end -- just 30 yards behind. Barely won the NFC rushing title, after being far head most of November and December. I guess that had to do with Carolina getting him over the line of 1,000 yards receiving -- throwing him the ball a lot more than usual in the last couple games.

    Here's a couple quick points:

    While some might belittle the Pro Bowl as joke, which might be true concerning the Pro Bowl game itself. A Pro Bowl nomination is huge in terms of determining which players make the Hall of Fame. Obviously Pro Bowl nominations are much more important for offensive lineman and defenders than running backs, receivers and quarterbacks, but Christian playing in the Pro Bowl is another huge step for him, as is his 1st-team All-Pro honors.

    Speaking of the Hall of Fame, it was noted Christian grew up around the Denver Broncos from the latter 199o's and beyond. I was looking at Terrell Davis' stats recently and it would appear Christian only needs two or three more 1,000 yard seasons to be considered a serious HoF candidate. Now the Panthers have not been nearly as successful as those Broncos teams, yet. But Christian's dominance as a receiver is also plus going forward, in regards to the HoF.

    Also, something that hasn't been talked about yet: CMac has only one season left on his rookie contract. Personally, if I was CMac I would not sign an extension with Carolina. I'm sure Carolina will franchise him if he's still going strong and wants to leave. But I'm hoping he can wiggle out of Carolina after next season and perhaps wind up in San Francisco or Denver? With Carolina's far-left wing, Gentile/Goyim-hating Jewish owner (Stephen Tepper) suddenly running the show, my personal preference is he leaves as soon as he can. My guess is the moment his game slips even a little bit, Tepper will make it very tough for CMac, a devout, young Christian white male. He's every thing someone like Tepper (and most others of his ilk) loathes all wrapped up into one package.

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