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    I like Hogan, a lot. He is a football novice still. He was a Lacrosse star, who only played football (at DB and WR I think, but don't quote me) because he was injured and had a year of eligibility left. Four years into his NFL career and his stats are improving every year. It's just there are a lot of hands to feed and only one football. I think Hogan is going to put up a couple of 1,000 yard seasons in his career. I just don't know if it will be as a Patriot. Brady's arm strength has never been much more than adequate. It's his accuracy and ball placement that always impressed me most. Well, that and his ability to play chess with a defense. Outside of Joe Cool, no one compares to Brady in his ability to dissect a defense.

    Even if Tom drops off, and at his age it IS possible (not likely but possible), I think Jimmy Garoppolo is a star in this league, ala Aaron Rodgers. Sitting behind an all time great is a blessing, and Bill B would've jettisoned him when the interest was high, if he didn't see a future for him.

    The Patriots have been the biggest help for our cause, because now teams are actually drafting guys like Switzer, rather than the past where he would have to make it as a UDFA.
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    Patriots honor Chris Hogan as '7-11' on July 11

    For New England Patriots wide receiver Chris Hogan, July 11 is a day that will always remind him of his nickname former teammate Reggie Bush gave him while playing on the Miami Dolphins practice squad.

    Bush bestowed Hogan with the nickname “7-11,” relating to the gas station chain 7-Eleven, for the wideout being “always open.”

    On Tuesday, the Patriots’ Twitter account had fun with the receiver’s nickname on “7-Eleven” day by posting a highlight reel of Hogan’s breakthrough performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers during the AFC Championship Game in January. Note: I couldn't get the twitter video to show up but it can be found here:^tfw&ref_url=

    Hogan caught nine balls against Pittsburgh for 180 yards and had two touchdowns in the 36-17 win which led to the 28-year-old’s first Super Bowl championship in February.
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    A recent pic of Hogan with his wife (they were married about a week ago) and infant twins. Everything is going right for the NFL's fastest wide receiver...

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