Chess: Organized Corruption

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    Nov 2, 2004
    Woe to the World of Chess

    [Couldn't find too many followers on ANU discussion board, so I'll try this, one time, here at CasteFootball]

    Organized Chess in the United States has become a thoroughly corrupt enterprise. Chess worldwide through the auspices of FIDE (Federation Internationale Des Echecs) has been corrupt for decades. The source of the corruption is the usual suspect: NWO infiltrators. The USCF(United States Chess Federation) has in recent years been taken over by NWO elements. USCF first faced bankruptcy, then a purge of dedicated chess enthusiasts and directors, and finally a takeover by a primo NWO stooge.

    Some primary participants: Garry Weinstein (a.k.a. Kasparov), former world champion, hater of Russian nationalism and nationalists, arrogant snot,darling of the Wall Street Journal, and rabble-rouser in Caspian politics. Kirsan Ilumzhinov, leader of FIDE, savage tyrant and bizillionaire, corrupter of tournaments, players, and the USCF. The Polgar sisters, excellent chessplayers of Jewish central European extraction (they're the good guys, they care mostly about chessplaying)

    Then we have Max Dlugy, former head of the USCF, took a "banking" job to speculate in former Soviet republics, recently arrested and languishing in a Russian jail for subversive activity. And strangest of all, Mikhail Khodarkovsky, the wizard of Yukos Oil, in exile in Britain to escape Putin's russian wrath. And K is writing chess articles in U.S. Chess. What in the world is K doing writing chess articles? And Max Pehme, the new ruler of the USCF, a dreadfully obvious NWO plant, has replaced the purged old guard of USCF, who were ardent admirers of Bobby Fischer. I still subscribe to Chess Life, but it's only a shadow of its former self, and now outrageously P.C.

    The USCF will never recover. Probably it will die in a few years and be replaced by multiple organizations who will pick up the pieces of tournament chess, as practiced by ordinary Americans of ability from Tyro to Grandmaster. I miss the Edmonson years when USCF had a real man in charge. There's plenty of opinion about Chess Life and its growing irrelevance in the chess world. Lots of newer and better chess mags and chess websites have supplanted Chess Life, leaving it in the P.C. dust.

    Chess has a devoted following of players, politicos and wierdos all its own. There's probably not enough interest among ANU subscribers and participants to warrant a major spot in the Discussion Forums. But should that prove to not be true, then perphaps a "Chess" forum will be started, here or somewhere in CasteFootball. Suffice to say, something is rotten in Chessville.

    Any chess enthusiasts out there in Nationalist land?
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    Oct 21, 2012
    Well, to answer your question 13 years later, I'm a chess enthusiast. I've run across other chess enthusiasts here and there among pro-whites.

    I recommend chess to pro-white people. It helps develop your ability to formulate strategies and plans and your ability to think ahead.
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    Jul 21, 2012
    chess is awesome. And the highest ranked player of all time is a (non Jewish) Norwegian.


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