Capitalism also guilty for White demise

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    Dec 17, 2005
    I see a lot of references to Cultural Marxism and dislike for Socialism on this site because it is overwhelmingly American. I personally like the mixed economies of Europe to the purely Capitalistic American style and I honestly feel extreme capitalism is just as much responsible for the caste system and downfall of Whites in general.

    Allow me to state my case. Extreme Capitalism has given rise to a culture where White Americans only care about their own personal well-being and don't care at all about their race. The average Suburban White American could care less about the high numbers of black on white crime, black on white rape, or thug mentality in general so long as it remain far away from their upper-middle class suburb. It's basically what led to the mentality of "white flight". Instead of standing up to minorities side by side with their race, most Whites only cared enough to leave for the suburbs while leaving poorer White to suffer.

    Essentially this mentality of "it's all about me and my money" has allowed the Jewish/Zionist establishment to exploit what has historically been the White race's primary, outstanding weakness: OUR LOVE OF MONEY. Whites don't care to know who is running the country so long as they can get their paycheck and drive back to their peaceful suburb.

    Let me give you 3 brief examples how extreme capitalism hurts us starting with sports caste system:

    1. Studies consistently show Black athletes consistently spend a lot more money and are much more likely to be bankrupt 10-20 years after their careers. The examples are numerous, because black athletes tend to be less business-educated and are much easier for their White or Jewish agents to exploit than White athletes. I'm very confident in saying this is one of the primary reasons the caste system exists today in sports. Black athletes are in high demand, because the more salary you pay them now, the more the Jewish brethren can drain out of them when they retire. Same goes for many black actors, musicians

    2. Illegal immigrants force us to pay more taxes to care for them, increase crime rates, exploit our healthcare destroy our schools education standards (no spica ingles?), take job, etc. Yet neither of the Political parties will ever do anything other than pay lip service, because at the end of the day their cheap labor benefits rich Corporations. Politicians don't care about the millions of average Americans whose lives have been ruined by these people, all that matters is that the tiny rich minority Corporations benefit from their cheap labor to raise their stock price.

    As much as we hate them, we're stuck with them with the whole Capitalist notion of "trickle down economy" which basically says none of us can be happy or succeed if the rich aren't happy and aren't succeeding.

    3. OJ Simpson case- The prosecution could easily have tried Simpson in front of an all-white jury in the town where the murder was committed. Instead he was tried in predominantly black Los Angelos where everyone knew he would be found innocent. Now there are claims the jury was bribed millions to hold the trial in LA. Another case of whites selling out their own race for the mighty dollar.

    Essentially if you look at how far the White race has falled in the past 100 years, all the causes can be attributed to rich globalists willing to sell out their race for $$$$. Who do you think benefitted the most from the end of "white imperialism"
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    Nov 26, 2004
    Socialism is unpopular among American whites because the 'social' component includes non-whites. Non-whites like it because whites will indirectly pay them for mere existence.

    Ultimately whites will receive even fewer benefits than non-whites despite social welfare programs being ostensibly race-neutral. Consider that Obama's health care reform will take away $50 billion p.a. from mostly white Medicare beneficiaries yet increase benefits to mostly non-white 'poor' Medicaid beneficiaries.

    Social Security 'must' be reformed because it can't pay its way with all those aging (white) baby boomers. So let's reduce benefits. And at the same time bring in millions of law wage immigrants who don't pay taxes beyond minuscule FICA contributions because 'they will save Social Security'.

    Europe is in a trap. Their welfare system was initiated with white populations but is now benefiting non-whites. Since their systems are universal nothing can be done without dismantling the system. So the non-white 'European' population waxes fat and high-benefits Europe can't compete with the coolie labor of Asia.

    At the very least capitalism rewards productivity in the provision of goods and services. Since productive capacity is unequally distributed among individuals and races it stands to reason capitalism is viewed as harsh and unfair, because it is.

    Socialism, of course, is much nicer. But ultimately socialism is much more harsh and unfair than capitalism. We work and produce while 'they' eat and breed. Which means we must work and produce even more while 'they' eat and breed with greater enthusiasm.

    Was it rampant capitalism that destroyed Rhodesia? No, it was the world's belief in nice socialism. So now the blacks can nicely starve in proper socialist manner. It's a shame, but little noticed because another place needs to be made nicer.
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    Dec 1, 2006
    The same is true for Europe. Most europeans dont give a darn about the same things you have listed. A few social benefits more or less dont make a difference.

    White people place more importance on their own luxury than the welfare of their people, but the reason for that isnt the economic structure, its the social environment.

    In the USA its White guilt because of slavery. In germany its german guilt because of WW2 and the holocaust.
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    Apr 6, 2007
    Does anyone here work?[​IMG]I retired from the military, E-8, and teach school. Before I receive any of my money almost $1000 is gone to federal and state taxes. Monthly. I think the real issue here is mismanagement, malfeasance, of public money.
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    Oct 3, 2008
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    The economic situation in the United States which you are critiquing is not a true free market capitalistic system. It has not been for quiet some time either. What we have is corporatism or crony capitalism. I have major issues with the current system as you do. Just please don't knock capitalism because you then have the wrong culprit.
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    Nov 23, 2006
    Some say that Capitalism and communism are two sides of the same coin. It appears that capitalist often created and control communist and one could say that communism is where government and business merge and Capitalism is where business and government merges. Capitalism the way it is working today is not free enterprise but the almost exactly the opposite where a government big business continuum attempts to keep new businesses from competing with the big corporations, and big business get bailouts and supported by government.
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    Jul 14, 2007
    In a true free market economy, we wouldn't have to pay to feed, clothe, educate, shelter and give health care (including pregnancy aid and brithing)to minorities. But we do here in the U.S., and in Europe it's even more.

    So you're telling me you prefer the system in Europe, where Sudanese refugees get to go to not-so-long-ago all-white Sweden, and get instant government welfare, public school, housing, etc. without question? At least in the U.S. we have some sort of sham of a process where the people who receive this stuff are supposed to work and stop receiving the benefits at some point. In Europe it goes on forever.
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    Apr 13, 2005
    I essentially believe in free markets but I cannot say I am pro-capitalist. Capitalism is far more revolutionary than Marxism, its innovations have changed the way people live far more than any overturning of the state has.

    Capitalism -- like communism -- is a materialist ethos,
    it promotes a view of life rooted in material accumulation. It tends to drive all social relations and values to being determined by cash transactions, i.e. money is the bottom line and selling your sister on the streets is merely a matter of contractual obligations not moral consideration. This attitude tends to atomize people into isolated islands of self interest.

    As a Christian, I believe a free economy must be tempered by faith, however,
    when given spiritual significance, free market values can become something that looks far too much like the prosperity gospel of hucksters like Joel Osteen. But you can't have real liberty without real property rights and you can't have real property rights without a free economy, they are intertwined.

    That freedom means the freedom to associate with whom you please, to sell your property or your goods to whom you wish and to indulge in pursuing what you see as beneficial to you as a member of a group or family.

    Ultimately, people are fallen and will always do what they want, so it's best to have the freedom to do what thou wilt so that the intelligent and purposeful can be free to prosper as they can and those that are less scrupulous or able to handle their business will fall of their own weight.


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