Brady Quinn - classic double standard

Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by GWTJ, Aug 19, 2008.

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    The following is an assessment of Brady Quinn's performance I took from my FF site. As we can all see, he is not allowed to do what every black QB in the league does: [​IMG]

    Tony Grossi, of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, reports Cleveland Browns backup QB Brady Quinn tossed 17 passes during the team's first preseason game. The only pass he threw of any notable length went for 23 yards, which has some asking if he has become a dink-dunk thrower. His pass selection seemed fairly similar to what he throws during training camp. Quinn said he often has checked down to a secondary receiver based off what the defense is giving him. However, general manager Phil Savage admitted during an interview recently that the offense is more vertical with Derek Anderson at quarterback and they would have to alter things if Quinn were in the game. Quinn hopes that wouldn't be the case. He said when he is in with the first-string offense, he uses the field and feels he has a pretty strong arm.
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    We should be asking the recent banned Sportsfan#1: "So is Brady Quinn who has never even started an NFL game already on a shorter leash than Vince Young, another dink and dunker?" Oh I forgot Vince Young makes brilliant plays with his legs, so incredible it makes up for his sub 50 completion percentage. Quinn might even be on a shorter leash already than Tarvaris Jackson...unbelievable!
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    I was discussing Michael Vick and Vince Young with some blacks that I play ball with one day. I told them that they would be pretty good if their teams ran the option. [​IMG]

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