"Blacks are fading from baseball"

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    Ah, good ol' Jackie Robinson Day, yet another occasion where we are told by our overlords to worship a mere mortal and try to make him bigger than his whole sport.

    Taking a more realistic look at the man, as a ballplayer, Robinson was good but not great. As a person, although he was much more even-tempered than most black players (and was hand-picked to be the first black to integrate precisely for that reason), he spent much of his later years agitating for more affirmative action in baseball's upper management positions. He wasn't quite the Great Uniter that the neocons/Diversity Republicans like to make him out to be.
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    Sep 30, 2004
    Diversity means the replacement of Whites.

    Chicago Sun-Times Writer Laments Major League Baseball’s ‘White Problem’

    by Paul Kersey

    The 2018 National Basketball Association Racial and Gender Report Card (RGRC), put out by the University of Central Florida, gleefully reported “80.7 percent of the NBA’s players were people of color,The percentage of players who were classified as African-American in the league was 73.9 percent. The percentage of white NBA players was 19.3 percent. They gave the grade of an A+ for the diversity in the league (lower number of whites the better in this scoring system).”

    THE 2018 RACIAL AND GENDER REPORT CARD: NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAUGE noted, “During the NFL’s 2016 season, the percent of African-American players increased from 69.2 percent in the 2015 season to 69.7 percent in 2016. The percent of white players decreased from 27.9 percent in 2015 to 27.4 percent in 2016.” They also awarded the league an A+ for its diversity (or lack of whites, a fact worthy of praise).

    Major League Baseball is only 7.7 percent black, thus a problem arises. Too many white people are still employed, meaning baseball has a “white problem.”[Beyond the pale: Baseball’s so-called black issues caused by its white problem, Chicago Sun-Times, April 27, 2019]:

    "I’m the problem.

    "If not the problem, then at least the issue.

    "Me, those who look like me, sound like me, view the world through a light-colored, male prism that sets agendas, makes rules and decides what’s mainstream or “normal” in American culture – or its subcultures, such as baseball.

    “Middle-aged white men,” said Diamondbacks outfielder Adam Jones.

    "Just look at the average baseball press box during a game, the average baseball front office, the average executive walking around Major League Baseball’s headquarters in New York.

    "And then when you hear about the racist messages and taunts players such as the Cubs’ Carl Edwards Jr. must endure – or the absurd thinking that went into suspending Tim Anderson of the White Sox for his use of a certain word – it should start to become self evident to those who would continue to traffic in tired white-splaining of non-white experiences, in this game and in this society:

    "The so-called black issues in baseball – whether it’s the causes behind the extreme under-representation of African-Americans or the continual incidence of racist jeers and treatment – are white problems.

    "And if the first step in solving a problem is to admit it exists, maybe it’s time that the next conversation on this issue begins there.

    “It sucks, but you’ve got middle-aged white men telling everybody else what to do in the world,” Jones said. “I didn’t make that part up. That’s just what you see on TV. That’s what you see in real life. It’s history.”

    "It’s certainly baseball.

    "Jones made headlines in 2016 when he explained that the reason you don’t see the kind of social-justice protests in MLB that Colin Kaepernick inspired in the NFL is because “baseball is a white man’s sport” and that there are so few black players in the majors (7.7 percent) that “you might as well not kick yourself out of the game” by speaking up.

    "Despite gains in hiring diversity in recent years, according to an annual study, MLB’s top eight ranking decision makers are all white men, including the commissioner, its two deputy commissioners, and chief baseball officer Joe Torre – the league’s discipline head.

    "Baseball already knows it has a demographics problem when it comes to getting young people to watch its increasingly slow-paced game and what that might mean for the future.

    "What’s said less often is that its middle-aged-white-guy skew continues to prove problematic when it comes to growing the game relative to other American team sports.

    "Black players for decades have talked about a game they sometimes play during slow moments between innings.

    “I play the same game. I know the game you’re talking about,” Edwards said. “Count the black fans.”

    "It usually doesn’t take long.

    “I love everybody,” Edwards added. “But at the end of the day, that’s just what we’re surrounded by.”

    "The demographics gap not only is about fan bases and the executive structure, but it also impacts the game’s ability to attract non-white American players and often how it’s portrayed by the media."

    The anti-white mindset pervades every aspect of American life. 59 percent of MLB rosters are white (41 percent are people of color, but an insufficient number of these players are black), meaning the league has a “white problem” until the rosters have the same racial breakdown as the NFL and the NBA.

    Do you get yet? Diversity is nothing more than chasing away white people and limiting the number of opportunities for whites.

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    It is like you are at a card table and they get to cheat. Everyone else ( meaning white folk) have to play by the rules. So this diversity BS is just that.

    Nothing bothers me more than the baseball bitch. The 41% of players that are of color includes quite a few foreign players who are either black or part black. Also if you threw out pitchers and maybe catchers ( few if any black catchers) you would see that the league seems to have a non white majority.

    This is just a black power move dressed up as some sort of social case. Screw them.
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    Mar 16, 2013
    A CF member discussed the Tim Anderson piece that was in SI which I read last night.

    The hypocrisy is so strong it is beyond comprehension. Much hyped rookie Vladimir Guerrero Jr. ( think Cecil Fielder in a few years ha) is from the Dom Republic but is essentially black. He doesn't count when they tabulate the racial breakdown in baseball. The focus is only on African American players.

    Want to play that game ass wipes?

    The NBA white European players shouldn't be counted as white either then. So if you tally up the white American basketball players it is surely lower than the percentage of African American baseball players. It is miniscule. For consistency shouldn't the lack of white American basketball players in the NBA be front page news too? And like the "plight" of black American baseball players shouldn't the wheels be in motion to "correct" the situation and create a system that produces more white American NBA players? They are constantly promoting black American baseball players with their inner city initiatives etc.. What is being done to boost the level of white American NBA players? How about a giant goose egg!!

    What gives? You could expect the racial answer that white people are inferior athletes so that is to be expected.

    So the so called inferior white athletes should make way for more black athletes no matter where they come from. The entire nature of there "aren't enough blacks argument" is held up by the twin engines of superior race talk and white extermination.
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