Black KKK killed Sean Taylor

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    You're right on the money when you talk about where all the black football players are coming from. Here's another question I've always had; why are the vast majority of these black NFL players from troubled backgrounds (ala "the hood?") Doesn't it stand to reason that schools in "the hood" would tend to be underfunded and not have the top sports programs? There are plenty of blacks that play sports for schools in middle-class and upper-class areas- why don't more of them make it to the NFL and NBA? This is just another indicator that those who run professional sports teams actually prefer the thugs and troublemakers. This makes no sense from any kind of legitimate standpoint; obviously such characters would poison team chemistry, be unreliable and less likely to learn whatever system the coaching staff is trying to implement. But, if there is another, larger agenda there, then it makes perfect sense.

    I know from personal experience that not that many blacks from any backgrounds play organized sports when they're very young. They tend to wait until high school to play organized football and basketball. Shockingly, while many white youngsters are told they are "unqualified" for basketball and soccer teams, at least, unless they have played for travel or select teams beforehand, black youngsters are not held to this same standard. I guess the same mentality that prevails everywhere in Don King's America rules here; i.e., that these youngsters couldn't afford to play on the often very expensive travel and select teams.

    But then again, I'm full of questions about just who is playing for all these teams. Another thing I've wondered about is the wildly disproportionate number of half-black players in sports, especially in NCAA college basketball. I remember a few years back, before Coach K decided to start recruiting whites again, when Duke had a large number of these mulatto players. Surely, despite the best intentions of those who run the media, kids who are half- black and half-white represent only a tiny fraction of the population. So, how can it be that almost as many of them are on NCAA college basketball teams as white players? The youth leagues are 95% white almost everywhere, yet these kids often don't even get a fair shake in high school sports.

    In a world where tiny American Samoa somehow produces more defensive starters in the NFL than the huge white population that dominates youth football at all levels, and tiny Dominican Republic sends more players to Major League Baseball than all the well funded, far better coached college teams (almost all white) in our country, then I say that it is very important to question just what kind of black players are being chosen for these lucrative positions in professional sports.
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    very good points, bigunreal. it does make for interesting speculation.
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    Some updates to the Sean Taylor murder show-trial:

    At least two of the defendants have confessed to taking part in the
    attempted burglary and a grand jury indictment identified Rivera as the
    one who shot Taylor.


    The four suspects have already filed written pleas of not guilty to
    charges of first-degree felony murder and armed burglary.
    Dade County Circuit Judge Dennis Murphy set an April 7 trial date, but
    indicated that might be delayed.

    Why is this so?

    On the ride home, the suspects stopped on Alligator Alley and threw
    the gun into the Everglades. Once in Fort Myers, Mitchell and Rivera
    burned their clothes and masks, the attorney said. Miami-Dade police
    declined to comment.

    So there's no murder weapon to connect the suspects to the crime, and
    no material evidence except the other suspect's testimony to place the
    four young men at the scene of the crime? No wonder the prosecutors
    are working so hard to get one of the young men to turn on the others.
    Without any corroborating evidence, I doubt the "confessions" are true.

    It gets even better...

    Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge Dennis Murphy expressed concern
    that too much investigative material was finding its way into the news
    saying he is considering issuing a gag order on the lawyers in
    order to ensure a fair trial. A hearing was set for Jan. 8 on a request by
    the lawyer for suspect Charles Wardlow to seal from the public
    statements made by the defendants to police. Normally most
    investigative material becomes public under Florida law once it is given to
    defense attorneys.

    And yet...

    Murphy also denied Brener's request that the four suspects be
    permitted to wear civilian clothes to court rather than bright red or
    burgundy jail jumpsuits.

    Good thing the judge doesn't want to prejudice the jury!

    One "bold" defense attorney was willing to flout the judge's admonition.
    In the article I was reading and quoting here, this scenario was offered as
    an official version, and no rebuttal or corroborating evidence was offered
    to back this story up:

    Hornung was willing to discuss Hunte's statements in detail, including
    that the black handgun used in Taylor's killing was placed in a sock and
    thrown into the Everglades along Alligator Alley between Miami and the
    Fort Myers area where the four lived. The weapon has not been found.

    Hornung said Eric Rivera Jr., Jason Mitchell, Wardlow and Hunte, left Fort
    Myers on Nov. 25, but had no plans when they arrived in the Miami area.
    When they saw the luxury cars parked at Taylor's home, one of the
    suspects said the football star kept $200,000 in a black bag in one of the

    At least one of the men said he had stolen $5,000 from Taylor's home
    before, Hornung said.

    The suspects thought Taylor, though injured, was still traveling with the
    team for a game against Tampa that Sunday. They didn't know he was
    home nursing a knee injury.

    They climbed over a fence and broke into a bathroom near the pool with
    a crowbar. Rivera, 17, and Mitchell, 19, went inside. Minutes later Mitchell
    ran out claiming he heard a noise, Hornung said.

    Rivera persuaded Mitchell to go back inside. A few minutes later, Hunte,
    20, heard a gunshot and then a scream inside the house. Mitchell and
    Rivera came running out and the group left in the car, Hornung said.

    Once in Fort Myers, Mitchell and Rivera burned their clothes and masks,
    the attorney said.

    So they just "happened to come upon" Taylor's house, yet thought he
    wouldn't be home, and had a gun, masks, and a crowbar in the car. Even
    though there were cars in the driveway, they still decided to break in.
    And now there is no gun or material evidence to tie them to the crime.

    This story will become the official narrative, which it was why it was
    floated in the press. Notice again that none of it makes any sense, from
    the security system in Taylor's house being turned off, to the phone not
    working, to the masks and gun for going into an unoccupied house, to
    no material evidence being found, etc.

    Notice also the stories of huge amounts of cash being found or existing
    in a professional athlete's home. Do any of these guys have a bank
    account? A debit or credit card? What is really going on here?Edited by: PitBull
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    PitBull - Who knows what really happened that night. I mean, for all we know these guys have been set up by TPTB. Of course, we won't be hearing from the NAACP on this one. It would not surprise me if the people who gunned down Saint Taylor were trained pros hired by the jew-owned casinos.

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