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    Feb 11, 2016
    This is a title of a recent autobiography by Bill Walton.
    I really never knew much about him growing up but he was an integral part of the 86' Celtics and their championship run.
    I knew he was kind of flaky and from a caste perspective he was a " clown " of an announcer but the book is not half bad.
    If anybody has read it feel free to chime in. It was a pretty quick read.
    What I found quite hypocritical was how he spent much of his time protesting the Vietnam War and bashing Governor Reagan and Nixon in the book and yet spends a huge amount of time on enforcer/teammate Maurice Lucas. He BRAGS about how Lucas would just punch other players in the face all of the time for whatever reason. He also states early on in the book he was not a stat guy. Littered throughout the book are numerous heaps of his own stats form UCLA and the NBA.
    He talks about his love for family but only talks about his wife Lori who is on the back cover of the book with him. He is about 65 and this incredible wife of his looks to be about 35 at most. Yes Bill if you were not rich I am sure she would still love you the same. His first wife is not even mentioned ONCE in the entire book or his divorce or that she is the mother of his 4 kids. As much respect I have for the guy and playing through his myriad of injuries in his career this book really makes him look like a class A jerk. IMO.
  2. Don Wassall

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    Sep 30, 2004
    Walton was far left politically and fully embraced the counter-culture of the late '60s and early '70s. And he was a Caste clown announcer for sure. I remember posting on CF a number of years ago after Walton said during a broadcast that Steve Nash couldn't jump over a piece of paper. I just did a site search and also found this beauty from 2005: Bill Walton just spewed forth this classic racist comment: "Steve Nash does not have an advantage in athletic ability against anyone he ever plays against."

    His embrace of the early thug Lucas is very hypocritical. Maybe his admiration for all things black over-rode his "peacenik" beliefs when it came to race. Walton was a helluva player at UCLA but unlikable as a person.
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    Dec 18, 2004
    Walton said something worse than mentioned above in a Sport magazine article circa 1975. He was quoted as saying something like "If a black man walked up and shot me dead he would have good reason." Walton may have been coached by the author, Pete Axthelm. Anybody remember him? This was when the Black Muslim killings were in the news.

    Some black players criticized Walton, one of whom was Kareem Abdul Jabbar himself. Walton was (is) too stupid to realize that blacks would only despise him for such an idiotic statement.
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    Jun 18, 2017
    I have no respect for Walton he is a traitor to everyone and everything a marxist clown, he was on the wrong side of Vietnam and the blood is on his ugly goofy hands
  5. Thrashen

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    Jun 4, 2007
    About 15 years ago, Bill Walton also "starred" in an anti-white commercial for "Tostitos Scoops" chips. In the ad, former NBA players Dominique Wilkins, Isiah Thomas, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar all dunk a chip into a bowl of salsa perched atop a basketball rim. When it's Walton's turn, he fails to dunk the chip and crashes to the court in a court-jester-like manner. The Negroes all laugh hysterically at him and Thomas says: "Hey, I thought that was a myth" (that white men can't dunk).

    A still from the 2002 ad shows the "gang" busting a gut at Walton's faggotry...

  6. Shadowlight

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    Mar 16, 2013
    I want to defend Bill Walton here. I have my own set of standards and the rule of thumb I live by is that I truly do not care about the political leanings of a white athlete. Keep in mind if you were to sample all the white athletes in pro sports you would likely find that their political views mirror the general public for the most part. Which means you will have athletes that range from the far left of the political spectrum to the far right. If it was revealed that a favorite player of mine didn't share my political slant it would not cause me to root for them less.
    As for Walton he has been outspoken about his political beliefs and keep in mind he was not alone in protesting the Vietnam war. That was very common among college students back then.
    As a player he was the consummate Center and if injuries hadn't derailed his pro career he could have gone down as one of the best ever. He dominated in college and once he got into the flow of the NBA game he was sterling. He led Portland to the title in 1977 and they were far and away the best team in the league the following season and it looked like they were on their way to back to back titles until Bill got hurt and missed the rest of the season.
    I was rooting against Walton back then (my pre caste days) but to this day he remains the best all around Center I have ever seen play. Of course by 1986 my caste awareness was firmly in place and I was rooting for him and Bird to take home the title for the Celtics. One of the greatest shames in NBA history is that Bill Walton just could not avoid constant and chronic injuries and never could get his feet set in the NBA. Over the years Walton has praised the athletic ability of the few white teammates he had in Portland. Walton just gushes about the quickness and athletic ability of Bobby Gross who ran Dr. J ragged in the 1977 series.
    Walton entered the announcers booth during the 1990's and started off pretty caste to the best of my recollection. These days however he is among the least caste guys out there. In fact unlike most announcers who when they do praise the athletic ability of a white player they mumble it under their breath Walton swoons when describing certain white athletes. Last season he went on and on about the athletic ability of TJ Leaf. I root hard for the white players but once their careers are over and they become a full bore caste announcer then I have no use for them beyond their former athletic achievements. To his credit the Walton of today didn't go down the caste rabbit hole.
    A peculiar person, Walton , a life long Grateful Dead fan, is one of the more bizarre announcers working today. If anyone saw the New Year's eve show with him and other ESPN personalities you got a glimpse of how strange he is and at one point that night it looked as if he was trying to "pick up" one of the ESPN gals ha.
    Do I root for all white athletes equally? Of course not. When Borg and McEnroe were battling it out I was in Borg's corner. Same with Federer and Nadal. I am a huge Federer fan. In football if one team has a lot more white players that doesn't automatically mean I will root for that team. A lot of it depends on if the white players are skill position players etc. where one or two white WR's tips the team in my favor.
    But back to my rule of thumb when it comes to rooting for white athletes. For me I prefer the ones who feature more caste busting athletic qualities but it boils down to this. Whether that white player" tries" to act black like Jayson Williams (a distinct minority) or whatever their political viewpoints I could care less. If they are white that is the bottom line for me. White in the morning white in the afternoon white in the evening.
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