Another case of the caste system at play

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    Feb 11, 2016
    Most skill position JUCO recruits tend to be black. I am assuming most of them could not make the grade to get into a D1 school initially.
    2 white skill position players from the same JUCO college ( Sierra in California ) Ryan Graham RB and Will Brocchini cb play for Arkansas State and Old Dominion respectively. Both were 2 time all Americans ( JUCO ) at their positions though WB played for Sacramento his freshman season.
    Graham is obviously a stud. His college highlights are off the charts. He is C-MAC light. The fact that he is at Arkansas State of all places is clearly indicative because of his skin color and the stereotypes unjustly applied to it. The kicker is he is 2nd string behind some bum who has fifteen more rushing attempts yet 20 less yards and no tds. It won't be long before Graham is first string on a lousy team when his skill suggests Arkansas U not A. state.
    Brocchini intercepted ELEVEN I mean ELEVEN passes his Freshman and sophomore seasons. That is incredible at any level. He was first team all state in California arguably the top state for football talent in the country. He still had to go the JUCO route and is playing for a stinker like OD and is SECOND string. I don't know is he is injured but he has not played a snap in the first 2 games of the season.
    If these to All-Americans were black they would be playing and probably starting for teams like Notre Dame or Florida State. Thus is the caste system lurkers.

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