Albert Pujols Chimps Out When Reporter Compares Him to Mike Trout

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by knightedsoldier5000, Mar 7, 2014.

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    "Many players would be thrilled to be compared to Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout right now, but that comparison doesn't go over well for the phenom's teammate, Albert Pujols.

    This spring, someone asked Pujols, "Are you motivated to put up the same numbers as Mike Trout?"
    In other words, is a future Hall of Famer motivated by a player entering his third full season?
    The first baseman talked about his disbelief over the question, via USA TODAY's Bob Nightengale:
    Can you imagine someone saying that to me? I felt like saying, 'Come on, are you serious? Are you really asking me that? Check out my numbers. I know what Mike Trout has done in his first two years is pretty special, but will you look at my numbers. I've been doing this for almost 14 years.'

    The only guy in baseball who can match the numbers I've put up is Barry Bonds, and someone is actually asking if I can put up numbers like Mike Trout?

    Are you freaking kidding me?"

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    Someone should ask Albert to wager his salary this year that he'll put up better numbers than Trout. Like batting average, on base percentage, slugging percent, WAR (wins above replacement level), etc. Fat Albert will be lucky to top Trout in the one thing he's paid to do, hit homeruns.

    If I were an Angels fan, I'd be seriously worried that one of the team's "star" veterans is extremely jealous of the young superstar who is now the best player on the team. Can't be good for team chemistry.
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    I heard that Albatross Pujols refuses to play on teams that have fewer than a set number of his fellow Dominicans. Imagine Josh Hamilton or Mike Trout insisting on a minimum quota of white teammates. The sports media would have the biggest chimpout of all time.
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    Obviously it's too early to compare the total stats of Pujols to Trout, however, it's not too early to compare their numbers at the same time in each players career. I'll use each players second full year stats as a comparison, because many players have a good first year because they're unknown, but that second year is key because pitchers have a better understanding of what they can do.

    BA: Trout: .323, Pujols: .314
    H: Trout: 190, Pujols: 185
    Runs: Trout: 109, Pujols: 118
    2B: Trout: 39, Pujols: 40
    3B: Trout: 9, Pujols: 2
    HR: Trout: 27, Pujols: 34
    RBI: Trout: 97, Pujols: 127
    SB: Trout: 33/ CS 7, Pujols: 2/CS 4
    OBP: Trout: .432, Pujols, .394
    SLG: Trout: .557, Pujols: .561
    OPS: Trout: .989, Pujols: .955
    TB: Trout: 328, Pujols: 331

    I would say their very comparable. It's an even split 6 to 6 in leading in the 12 major categories, with Pujols just barely beating Trout in the power numbers, but Trout destroying Pujols in the speed numbers.

    I'm giving the edge to Trout because I believe he's the better overall player! Trout is a modern day Ty Cobb!

    The one number that stands out as a concern for me with Trout is the amount of times he strikes out, (136), to Pujols, (69). What could Trout do if he cuts down on his strike outs? He could become the greatest baseball player of all time!

    From what I hear he's in the better shape then he was last year. Looking forward to see what he does this season.
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    Further proof that "Pooholes" is a self-important/absorbed d00$hbag.

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