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    FD, just went over to AAF.com and found that Fleet tickets go for between $20 and $65 each*. Those up front seats are at the highest end -- $65. They seem to be filled with heavyset Mexicans and their anchor kids. That's probably 4 to 5 per group, which means about $300 to $350 to attend a bush league game. Very little doubt they are not getting those prices.

    AAF goes out of their way to announce "Paid Attendance". But what does "Paid Attendance" really mean? In the WNBA, for example, once or twice a year the New York Liberty used to sell out Madison Square Garden, despite having a small season ticket base (less than 1,000?). Turns out corporations or wealthy individuals used to buy up 15,000 (or more) for $1 each and handed them out for free. You'd literally see MSG filled to the brim with young, raucous black kids on one or two weekdays, each summer. Okay, they sold out the arena, but that $15,ooo (or so) the Knicks made from the "sellout", probably didn't even pay the costs of ticket takers, vendors, security guards, air-conditioners, janitors, ect. MSG finally throw in the towel and rid themselves of the all hood-rat team recently.....My guess is the AAF is up to similar shenanigans as the WNBA, yet still has poor attendance.

    rb, Salt Lake starts 4 whites on defense and Luke Carrezola plays a lot as well. It's a miracle they have so many whites on defense considering caste stooges Dennis Erickson (HC) and Randy Mueller (GM) run that team. You'd be hard pressed to find a more ardent Caste clown than Mueller**, during his NFL career! Offensively, they are very Caste and unwatchable. Jake Weineke would've probably been their best offensive player, but we knew the drill? Hopefully he excels in Montreal and makes a couple million dollars in Canada -- that's assuming he has a ten year career, like Greg Ellingson and Luke Tasker seem to be heading towards.


    I've noted before this league is full of former black NFL Draft busts. I think Christian Hackenberg (2nd round) is really the only white draft bust I can think of. Perhaps some might count ex-Cowboys tight end Gavin Escobar? But the number of black draft busts in this league is stunning. Some are in their 30's and still trying to hang on. I guess you can't blame them, considering most are unemployable outside "feetsball"?

    Here's an example, DL who's last QB sack was 2012: https://aaf.com/news/apollos-dl-worthy-seizing-opportunity-in-the-alliance

    * https://www1.ticketmaster.com/san-diego-fleet-vs-arizona-hotshots/event/0A00558182F00E69
    ** https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randy_Mueller
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    Really except for extremely rare cases you don't head in the wrong direction when it comes to getting back to the NFL or any of the other 3 major leagues. The path to the NFL is to rise from a league like this(or lower leagues).

    So many of these guys like Trent Richardson might be doing this because they are delusional about their dwindling abilities or are so financially desperate that this is the only way avoid bankruptcy.

    PS if this were say baseball or even hockey playing a minor league that payed 80K wouldn't be that bad a deal if you can budget the money properly but football with the long term health implications really doesn't make much sense for players on the slide like Richardson, less you are quarterback or kicker.
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    I was not expecting Gruden to cut Jordy. You can't tell me that Ellington and Harris are better than Jordy. Patriots would have been a perfect spot.
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    It's becoming crystal clear after 6 weeks that the only quarterback in this league that seems to be close to NFL caliber is Garrett Gilbert, who actually played in the Carolina Panthers' final game of the 2018 season. Former NFL quarterback Zach Mettenberger was flashing NFL skills after he replaced a struggling Christian Hackenburg, but he suffered a severe ankle injury and could be out a long time? Zach was injured by Karter Schult -- sacked first play of the game. Schult continues to lead the AAF with 7 sacks in 6 games.

    Mettenberger was replaced by ex-Troy quarterback Brandon Silvers, who had quite a rapport going with the teams "deep-threat" Reece Horn. He finished the game with 8 receptions for 129 yards. Horn currently ranks 6th in the league in total receiving yards.
    I was hoping the Silvers/Horn combination would continue to thrive, but it appears Wiggy Manziel, recently cut by the Montreal Alouettes, signed with the AAF and was assigned to Memphis.

    Elsewhere, former Oregon State and Alabama receiver Rich Mullaney returned from a knee injury and had a nice game for the mostly black Arizona Hotshots: 6 catches for 73 yards. Arizona continues to ignore Phillip "Scooby" Wright at linebacker, as he's mostly been relegated to punt coverage (no kickoffs in AAF). Any chance "Scooby" would use the AAF to get back to the NFL, seems like a pipe dream......Nelson Spruce continues to struggle with childhood friend/teammate Mike Bercovici throwing to him. Only 3 catches for 23 yards. He was thriving with Phillip Nelson, until the ex-Minnesota quarterback was injured. San Diego definitely needs an upgrade at quarterback. I'm surprised the AAF didn't steer Football Manziel towards the Fleet?

    Announced Paid Attendance week 5:

    San Diego: NA/Yet?

    Orlando: 18,358

    Atlanta: NA/Yet?

    Salt Lake: 8,150

    By the way WIR, went over to CFL.ca the other day to checkout the rosters in Canada. Taking out the quarterbacks (most kickers are Non-Import), I'd say close to 90% of the "Imports" (aka Americans) on most teams in the CFL seem to be black. The Ottawa Red Blacks, who lost in the Grey Cup, are the only team that has more than a few token white "Imports", and they don't have a lot. Calgary, for example, has only black "Imports", minus two white quarterbacks. You are talking about 40 black "Imports" for the Stampeders, compared to 2 white "Imports"? That is simply stunning! About half (or a bit more) of the "Non-Imports" (aka Canadians) are white. Take them away, and Calgary is as black as Grambling, Alcorn State or the 2017 Oakland Raiders!

    As we discussed, it seems most whites aren't going get their brain scrambled (concussions, CTE) for the cash these CFL teams are offering. That's not even getting into the joint damage that could/should afflict them them as early as 40 -- severe knee, shoulder, back, hip problems. Outside of quarterbacks, you mostly only see young whites (26 and younger) that are using the CFL to get to the NFL, where they can potentially make millions. Once that NFL window closes, most whites just retire from football rather than stay in the CFL. White veterans like Luke Tasker (WR), Greg Ellingson (WR) and Adam Bighill (LB) types are much more the exception than the rule in Canada. I think the same the thing is at play in AAF. Once whites see the NFL is no longer possible, most leave.
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