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Discussion in 'NFL' started by Shadowlight, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. Shadowlight

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    Mar 16, 2013
    The Alliance of American Football League kicks off February 9th right after the Super Bowl. Barely paying attention wasn't there going to be an XFL League arriving in 2020?

    I was jumping around the stations a couple of nights ago and I saw what was called a "QB Draft" taking place on CBSSN. Then I noticed Trevor Knight the speedy QB getting picked in the first round by the Arizona Hotshots.

    This led me to investigate. There will be 8 teams and the season will end around the time of the NFL draft. The initial game will be broadcast on CBS but after that once a week on CBSSN. Not sure I will be able to watch those games do to scheduling. Not sure I would want to watch it anyway.

    Is it a white friendly league?

    Not exactly. I went through the rosters and it pretty much sticks to caste form.

    Below however is a list of WRs most know here that are scattered among the teams.

    Troy Pelletier ( Lehigh)

    Richard Mullaney

    Jake Wieneke

    Nelson Spruce

    Matt Sewall (Bryant). Sewall is an interesting case. Ran a 4.37 on his pro day and jumped 42 inches. Explosive player who is 5'9" 183.

    Below is a wiki entry on the AAF.

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    Oct 18, 2018
    I have been following the aaf for some time.
    I think they have made 8 teams to the south and the xfl will do 8 to the north (if the 2019 season will be decent for the aaf).

    to govern the aaf there are members of the old xfl and many well-known names of football have been hired (does not seem the usual ridiculous league).
    1200 players discarded for redundancy in the nfl may constitute a good league.
    if aaf and xfl are not in agreement then they are the same league, that starts cautiously south in 2019 and north in 2020 and then join. (as I said in the tread xfl)
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    Nov 1, 2017
    6 out of 8 XFL teams will be south of the Mason-Dixon line. You can't get fans to come to outside games in the North in February or March because it's too damn cold.

    8 out of 8 teams in the AAF are in the south (if you count southern California and Utah as the south)

    The XFL has a St. Louis team and the AAF has teams in San Diego and San Antonio. I'd expect a team to relocate to Oakland after the Raiders leave - my money is on the New York team to relocate as it's too damn cold in NY to watch minor league football in February. Utah, however, will probably get a lot of fans as they aren't an NFL city.
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    Thanks for the research Shadowlight. You are totally correct - this is in no way shape or form a white friendly league. It's essentially the NFL in terms of racial composition.

    RB Max Mickey, DBs Cole Reyes and Ryan Moeller are the only other recognizable names at caste positions. I wish all of our guys well but I really don't know how long this league will last - same with the XFL. The weekly images of NFL stadiums make me wonder if those who still follow football will continue to do so after the Super Bowl. So much of the NFL interest is tied into fantasy football and gambling.

    I doubt the XFL will be any different from a racial aspect either - the first incarnation was pretty much a mirror version of the NFL at that time.

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