A toast to Tiki Barber

Discussion in 'Happy Hour' started by ToughJ.Riggins, Apr 10, 2007.

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    Here is a new article today on Tiki Barber's comeback attempt. He claims it's not for the money, but to treat "depression". Either way, this thread is appropriately named, since Tiki is toast. It's nice to have this sideshow circus diversion this time of year, no wonder this thread was moved to the Happy Hour some time back.
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    Here is an article on Tiki Barber's failed comeback. I'm happy no team wanted to give this scumbag a chance. It also has a picture of him with his white whore girlfriend.


    Mon Sep 05 10:50am EDT
    [h=2]Tiki Barber remains unemployed and sad[/h]By MJD

    When Tiki Barber told HBO that he was returning to football because he "needed the game," and because he "needed to prove to [himself] that he could be successful at something," I thought it sounded like a recipe for a personal mental health disaster.
    Now that NFL rosters are set at 53, and Tiki Barber never got to sniff one, I hope that's not true. According to Peter King at Sports Illustrated, Tiki isn't taking it well.
    I tried to reach Barber on Sunday, but he wasn't talking. I hear he's devastated that no team gave him a chance. You might wonder if teams would bring him in after the first game of the season, so his contract wouldn't be guaranteed, and that could still happen. But with no team calling Lepselter with even a hint of interest, it's more likely teams would start with backs who've been in some football competition this summer.
    [Barber's agent Mark] Lepselter told me Sunday: "We are flabbergasted that Tiki has not had an opportunity with any team, especially when rosters were at 90 players this year. I certainly thought some team would be intrigued to see what he had left in the tank.''
    Where this will leave Tiki Barber the person, I don't know. He's also recently proposed to his girlfriend, the one with whom he was involved while still married to his pregnant wife. So that's good news.
    His football career, though, is dead, and it's not coming back. I know Tiki said he needed the game, but I doubt he needs it enough to consider trying to prove himself in the UFL, Canada or the Arena League.
    For a guy truly desperate to get back into the league, that's really the only step left. Even if a team suffers a catastrophic string of injuries at the tailback position, it won't be Barber's phone that rings. It'll be someone younger, cheaper, who won't bring any media scrutiny, and will play with fearless abandon on special teams.
    Sorry, Tiki. Good luck finding something else that makes you happy.
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    Jul 29, 2008
    Well, even the caste system has its limitations, so this is certainly some good news. WTF was this d-bag thinking, anyway? A 36 year old prima donna running back who was never that good to begin with, and hasn't played in 5 years, wants to return to the NFL? This is delusional at best.

    He was also a total failure as a broadcaster, so that door is closed also. He desperately needs the money to pay the ex for who knows what amount of child support and alimony, plus this new mudshark whore who'll undoubtedly leave him once she realizes not enough money is coming in.

    Good to see him getting his comeuppance and hopefully he'll go away for good now.
  4. Riddlewire

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    Jul 12, 2007
    Would you mind putting that picture behind a link?
    Genetic traitors should not appear on this website.
  5. Westside

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    Man, this whole story is interesting from a caste perspective. Here we have the supposed second coming of an OJ Simpson type. You know the "smoove" talking safe negro with that "room brighten smile" being told to F off, your services are not needed in NFL and Tiki crying about it.

    Then there is the history on how he abandoned his Asian mudshark wife who was pregnant with his children so he could be "wiff" his white skank mudshark. Also, Tiki had a taste of being a "talented" broadcaster with FoxNews and Foxsports, until his moral turpitude kicked in. Then the networks "kicked him out". Funny.

    With Tiki I see a sad ending. He goes broke and gets caught up in mail order fraud or narcotic sales to keep up appearences with a good " revenue stream". Man, this great theater.
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  6. Drunkjewishfan

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    Sep 1, 2011
    How long is it going to take before Tiki puts a bullet in his head? Hes broke and has no income. I guess he can live off of his twin brother for awhile.
  7. Liverlips

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    Jun 3, 2007
    I didn't know his ex-wife was Asian. But they do take black men to the cleaners.

    Shane Mosley got screwed by his Asian ex and has to keep fighting to pay the bills even though he is way past it.

    What was Barber thinking? Running backs never make good comebacks and when they are past their prime they are useless (i.e., Larry Johnson, Franco Harris).
  8. white is right

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    Feb 16, 2006
    Old running backs make good fullbacks. The problem for him is he is too weak to play the position. Also West Side he could create new credit cards in his brother name for income.....:biggrin:
  9. Tired old White

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    May 1, 2006
    I am not going to say that Tiki Barber does not have 200 IQ. But it is very unlikely. To my knowlege no one not even Albert Einstien has ever tested at 200. Einstein never took an IQ test. I have seen estimates of 190 but do not know what these estimates are based on. The probability of an African Amercian testing 200 are a bit less thatn 6 out of a billion. The last census indicated that the African American population is a little under 40 million so IF Mr. Barber is really a 200 level IQ his talents should not ever have been wasted in the NFL he should have been sent straight to Cal Tech grad school or MIT. A person with a 200 IQ has the type of genius to devlop new fields of science and while I love to watch football if Mr. Barber were to do something like invent a new renewable and and clean cheap energy sourcew would make me even happier. Incidently a 200 level IQ should totally Ace the Wonderlic test. Does anyone know Mr. Barber's Wonderlic score?
  10. DixieDestroyer

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    Jan 19, 2007
    He was grossly overrated as a player, and exposed himself as a d0uchebag behind the mic + camera. He showed his true (lack of) character leaving his pregnant wife....for a gold-diggin, mudshark.
  11. DWFan

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    Aug 27, 2008
    Tired Old White, I'm far from an expert on IQ, and don't even have a very good idea on how they would even make a test validate someone having an IQ that high, but the experts claim it happens. Here's an article I liked:

    EDIT: Sorry, I must've been thinking of a different article! This one does mention an IQ of 250+, but I had been thinking it went into it further. Leaving it just because it's pretty good.
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  12. Tired old White

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    May 1, 2006
    DWF I said it was possible that Barber had a 200 IQ just not probable. I followed the link and read the articles(S) they were very interesting as my formal education is in the filed of Biochemistry and Psychology and I am now pursuing a computer science degree ( I love to learn new skills ) . the article stated" His name was William James Sidis, and his IQ was estimated at between 250 and 300." So Mr. Sidis did not have a tested IQ of 250 though it is possible he did have a 250 IQ or even higher. An IQ score a statistically determined number acquired by arbitrarily saying the average score is 100 and adding and subtracting a statistical computation called the standard deviation which for most IQ test is arbitrarily given a value of 15 points. Some use 14 point for the SD and the Weschler child uses 10. Blacks as a group average 82-85 so a black with a 200 IQ is 7.96 - 10 standard deviations from the average. There is another statistical for computing the probability that a score will happen call Z score ​this is a fancy name for the number of standard deviation away from the mean. There are Z score to probability computers available on the web. The probability of a black American scoring 20 is .00000000533% I do not have any devices available that go to enough decimal places to compute the probability of a Z score of 10. I have actually known some one that scored a 182 but they flunked out of college due to emotional problems. I guess the world is a lonely place when by comparison to you almost everyone you meet is mentally retarded.

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