A. J. Edds

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    Jul 12, 2011
    Had a really good game the other night vs Atlanta has added 10 lbs of muscle without losing any speed might of even gotten a bit faster. He will play alot in the Phins defense covering tight ends and even big wide recivers as he looks to bounce back from a lost last season due to injury. The coaching staff loves this player, and expect him yo be the answer when teams try to line up a tight end on a dolphins line backer in one on one coverage. It is good to see Edds back, and ready to help this team any way he can. He is clearly their best cover line backer, and the other night he was all over the field stuffing the run as well. A. J. will be an eventual star in this league if he can stay healthy. I will post a photo looks like a very will built solid young man, and healthy to boot.http://news.yahoo.com/photos/photo-...r-j-edds-50-poses-photos-photo-193431378.htmlhttp://A. J. Edds

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