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  1. Leonardfan

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    Jul 30, 2006
  2. Leonardfan

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    Jul 30, 2006
    Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence declares for the draft. Probably the best QB draft prospect since Andrew Luck.
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    Jul 20, 2018
    Still playing this year?
  4. Leonardfan

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    Jul 30, 2006
    Yep he’s playing as far as I know.
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    Jul 20, 2018
    Good news!
  6. Leonardfan

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    Jul 30, 2006
    Here is my initial draft list. My usual disclaimer is that this is in no way a complete list but my best guess going off of three or four different resources for my research and cross referencing them. I do not agree with my watch list but I try to keep it realistic in terms of the caste system. I have added a couple of underclassmen which I don't usually do because they have declared for the draft or I have a feeling they will otherwise I have left them off. Due to the whole "pandemic" it is hard to project players from conferences that are not scheduled to play so please forgive me if I may have left someone off or added someone to my list who will stay next year for an extra year of eligibility. I will say that the draft sites I referenced have gone VERY caste - they must be doing their part for the whole faux "social justice" movement.

    As always feel free to add names in the thread and discuss the draft!


    It's September and we know that Trevor Lawrence will be the first pick. Nothing has been more obvious since Andrew Luck. Sam Ehlinger is rated way too low and being disrespected - if he is not a 1st round pick over quotabacks like Justin Fields, Jamie Newman and the draft weenies favorite one year small school starter Trey Lance (who has laughably been compared to Andrew Luck) it will be a travesty. In any mock draft I have seen he is not listed in the 1st three rounds and is viewed as a late round prospect - all of this for a QB who is an athlete which is supposedly coveted (if you are the right color). His career has been great and he started off 2020 with a bang. Look for the "experts" to try to submarine his draft stock with Tebow comparisons. Going down the line it's pretty wide open - I like Ian Book - if Mayfield and the magical Midget Murray can be immune from height concerns then I feel Ian Book coule be as well. Kyle Trask is another great story and with a strong senior season should become draftable. As always alot of interesting QBs.

    QB - Trevor Lawrence - Clemson
    QB - Sam Ehlinger - Texas
    QB - Kyle Trask - Florida
    QB - Kenny Pickett - Pitt
    QB - KJ Costello - Miss St
    QB - Shane Buechele - SMU
    QB - Ian Book - Notre Dame
    QB - Brady White - Memphis
    QB - Jake Bentley - Utah
    QB - Chase Brice - Duke
    QB - Peyton Ramsey - Northwestern
    QB - Charlie Brewer - Baylor
    QB - Anthony Russo - Temple

    Waiting to see if Borghi will declare. Mason is a two-way player that Harabaugh has mostly squandered as a battering ram.

    RB - Garret Groshek - Wisconsin
    FB - Ben Mason - Michigan

    Wide Reciever
    As always an overlooked position for our guys - not because of lack of talent.

    WR - Dillon Stoner - Ok St
    WR - Ben Skowornek - Notre Dame
    WR - Brendan Schooler - Texas
    WR - Thomas Hennigan - App St
    WR - Austin Trammell - Rice

    Tight End
    Another position where whites dominate in the NFL yet the NFL does it's best to try to buck the trend and overrate black TEs.

    TE - Pat Freiermuth - PSU
    TE - Tony Poljan - UVA
    TE - Noah Gray - Duke
    TE - Luke Farrell - Ohio St
    TE - Miller Forristall - Alabama
    TE - Josh Pederson - Louisiana Monroe
    TE - Justin Rigg - Kentucky

    Offensive Line
    This may be the deepest OL we have seen in awhile. In a league littered with Sumos their is alot of white talent that could come and improve many teams O-line situations. I also see alot of SEC white OL which typically bodes well because the Senior Bowl favors SEC players.

    OT - Dillon Radunz - North Dakota St
    OT - Sam Cosmi - Texas
    OT - Walker Little - Stanford
    OT - Spencer Brown - Northern Iowa
    OT - Liam Eichenberg - Notre Dame
    OT - Cordell Volson - North Dakota St
    OT - Cole Van Lanen - Wisconsin
    OT - Landon Young - Kentucky
    OT - Ben Petrula - Boston College
    OT - Drew Himmelman - Illinois St
    OT - Will Fries - PSU
    OT - Josh Ball - Marshall
    OT - Jake Burton - UCLA
    OT - Coy Cronk - Iowa
    OT - Carson Green - Texas A&M

    C - Creed Humphrey - Oklahoma *
    C - Drake Jackson - Kentucky
    C - Doug Kramer - Illinois
    C - Matt Allen - Michigan St
    C - Jimmy Morrissey - Pitt

    OL - Jack Anderson - Texas Tech
    OL - Jack Wohlabaugh - Duke
    OL - Tommy Kraemer - Notre Dame
    OL - Michael Menet - PSU
    OL - Robert Hainsey - Notre Dame
    OG - Kevin Jarvis - Michigan St
    OG - Ben Cleveland - UGA
    OG - Landon Dickerson - Alabama
    OG - Jared Hocker - Texas A&M
    OG - Tristen Hoge - BYU
    OG - Royce Newman - Ole Miss
    OG - Luke Wattenberg - Washington

    Pathetic is all I can really say.

    DE - Eli Howard - Texas Tech
    DE - Jacub Panasiuk - Michigan St
    DT - Forrest Merrill - Ark St

    Hopefully this is the year of the LB - we have the potential to see a real injection of talent into the league.

    LB - Peter Werner OSU
    LB - Tuf Borland OSU
    LB - Paddy Fiser Northwestern
    LB - Nate Landman - Colorado
    LB - Garret Wallow - TCU
    LB - Justin Rice
    LB - James Skalksi - Clemson
    LB - Colin Schooler - Texas Tech
    LB - Ryan Bowman - Washington
    LB - Riley Cole - South Alabama
    LB - Zane Zandier - UVA
    LB - Blaze Allredge - Rice

    All four of these players should be 2nd-4th round picks. Hopefully all 4 get drafted because they are deserving.

    DB - Brady Breeze - Oregon
    DB - Ben DeLuca - Charlotte
    DB - Nolan Turner - Clemson
    DB - Reed Blankenship - Middle Tenn
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  7. Rocky B

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    Jan 1, 2017
    Kade Remsberg should be on this list, but we know playing two games (maybe a few more) isn’t going to get him noticed.....AF players need ridiculous stats to get a fair shake.....
  8. jacque

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    Apr 26, 2020
    I wonder if Beau Corralls has a shot. 6’4” caught 5 balls for 47 yards week one, which means he’s getting out there a bit. Maybe next week it’s 6 or 7 catches.
  9. Shadowlight

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    Mar 16, 2013
    Excellent job as usual Leonardfan. Yes the back seven defense configuration looks more optimistic than usual. Again getting up to three or four white DBs drafted would be a big win. And a much needed thing. Time will tell.

    Two small school wide receivers who dream of getting drafted are:

    Ben Ratzlaff - Houston Baptist. In his first two games this season he has gained over 100 yards each against FBS teams no less. Saw him on one draft board but not the others.

    Bryce Nunnelly - UTC. Another casualty to COVID. UTC plays one game this season. October 24th against Western Kentucky. Don't ask? Nonetheless Bryce has talked about preparing for the draft.

    Plus CF favorite Yale RB Zane Dudek is still sort of hanging out on the fringes and at this point there is at least some chance the Ivy League will play in the spring? We can only hope. And scouts want to get a good look at versatile Wisconsin RB Garrett Groshek.
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  10. woody39

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    Oct 19, 2012
    Great Britain
    Really good list great to know plenty of talent out there to come through, thanks for the hard work Leonardfan
  11. Bucky

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    Jul 20, 2018
    I second that, nice job and nice list to go off going forward.
  12. Leonardfan

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    Jul 30, 2006
    They also need to be a certain skin color! Do you remember Weston Steelhammer? He got nothing of a fair shake. It does sound like the MWC may decide to play a shortened season though so that would be great for Remsberg.
  13. Rocky B

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    Jan 1, 2017
    I always wanted the Steelers to draft Steelhammer. Great name....But good player also...
    Next y at will be interesting draft wise....Hopefully Zane Dudek transfers for a year....
    Groshek is going to have to crunsh if given a chance.... Just like me hoping Nall gets carries, it’s kind of like TJ McDaniel....If a darker running back shows a little skill, whitey will be relegated.......

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