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    White starter roll call since 2005 is 11,11,11,8,8,11,11,11,6,6,6,5,5 and 2 last year. This year 4.

    Above you can clearly see the trend and it is safe to say the Poly infusion has cut into the white starter numbers. Continues to amaze me that white states like Oregon and Utah load up their teams with non whites. You never see say Florida State say it's "time to whiten things up a bit."

    The 2020 and 2021 recruiting trends at Utah show some positivity but ultimately they continue to fall far short of what we would expect. QB Jake Bentley is a South Carolina transfer and should add some consistency to their passing game. That is welcome news because Brant Kuithe is a big play TE. The most intriguing player on the roster for me is quick as a hiccup WR/PR/KR Britain Covey. No need to catalogue his injury woes but all indications are he is fast and healthy again. And I was pleasantly surprised to find he is only 23 given that he missed time with an injury on top of a two year Mission. S Freshman S Ben Renfro is on the two deep and has run a 3.93 shuttle which gives you an idea of his athleticism. Depth is clearly a sore point.

    Players to watch: S Ben Renfro.

    QB Jake Bentley (SR)
    WR Britain Covey (JR)
    TE Brant Kuithe (JR)
    OG Keaton Bills (FR)

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