2020 UCLA Bruins

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    Mar 16, 2013
    Generally UCLA has averaged 7 plus white starters over the years. From 2016 there were 6,8,3 and 3. This year around 4.

    A peculiar Power 5 team. Chip Kelly is an enigma. The Poly infusion that Leonardfan has often referenced is quite prevalent here. Kelly's recent recruiting has been a mixed bag. He did bring in S Kevin Newman.

    Bo Calvert has good speed and is one to watch at LB but the headlines here are the two starting receivers. Is this the only Power 5 team starting two white receivers this season? Chase Cota is the bigger more physical receiver who had a 25-350-3 stat line. The breakout player was Kyle Philips. Electric player who had a 60-681-5 stat line and returned 8 punts for a whopping 180 yards which included a real doozy against Washington State last year. Is he NFL material? He is under six feet so he will have to build on last season but if he does he has a chance. The fact he is a special teams wiz will help his cause.

    Players to watch: QB Colton Yankoff, TE Michael Churich and OL Lucas Gramlick.

    WR Kyle Philips (SO)
    WR Chase Cota (JR)
    OT Alec Anderson (SO)

    LB Bo Calvert (SO)
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    Jul 30, 2006
    Too bad they have an overrated quotaback. Hopefully Yankoff gets a chance this year. What poor depth!
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    Jul 20, 2018
    Cuck Kelly learned his lesson in Philly. Keep the Affletes happy, 2White WRs is nice, too bad they have a noodle armed QB.

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