2020 Ohio State Buckeyes

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    Limited info says the last four years the white starters are 3,3,4 and 5. This year 6.

    Once again expect them to vie for a national title but I was shocked and so were they to learn sixth year WR CJ Campbell was not given an extra year of eligibility. There goes any hope of seeing a white WR catch a pass for Ohio State. They do have two top TEs in the more traditional Luke Farrell and big dynamic Jeremy Ruckert. The recruiting of late has been uplifting but this team hasn't transformed itself as fast as I would have hoped. They have big time linebackers and tight ends coming in future classes and are even eying a top rated DE from 2023. Top 2021 prep player DE Jack Sawyer enrolled early and redshirt freshman Noah Potter is another DL who might emerge in the future. I am not a fan of converting linebackers into tight ends but hopefully Cade Stover makes the transition. Another redshirt freshman S Bryson Shaw is a 4.4 hyper athlete. But these players seem like future fixtures so I don't expect to hear too much about them this season.

    We will see the dynamic LB duo of Pete Werner and Tuf Borland two of the main reasons many think the Buckeyes will be a top rated team. Both are on all the draft lists.

    Players to watch: TE Jeremy Ruckert, OL Ryan Jacoby, QB Gunner Hoak and Max Wray.

    TE Luke Farrell (SR)
    OG Harry Miller (SO)
    OG Gavin Cupp (SR)
    OC Josh Meyers ( JR)

    LB Tuf Borland (SR)
    LB Pete Werner (SR)
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