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    Since 2005, Northwestern has started 12, 13, 15, 14, 15, 16, 15, 11, 11, 11, 12, 9, 11, 10 and 12 Whites. In 2020 they are projected to start 12.

    Northwestern was a bad team last year offensively. They have brought in a new OC. QB Peyton Ramsey who went between starter and the bench at Indiana due to a head coach who prefers quotabacks is now the starter. When he played at Indiana Ramsey was a good QB so hopefully we see him thrive at NW. Hunter Johnson who was a disappointment last year backs him up.

    The LBs are the main attraction - a snow patrol at LB. Fisher was the main attraction and up until last year he was talked about as a 1st round LB...hmm I wonder why they stopped talking about him as he became draft eligible - probably to hurt his stock. Fact is Fisher should be a 1st round draft pick and Gallagher taken by round 3. Enjoy all three of them this season as they are the heart of the defense.

    Drake Anderson and Evan Hull are k@lergis. If they were white they would not have been recruited.

    Players to look out for include QB Hunter Johnson, TE Trey Pugh, TE Charlie Mangieri, DT Jake Saunders, DT Joe Spivak, DE Devin O'Rourke, LB Peter Mcintyre, LB Erik Mueller. Former starter DB Travis Whillock opted out of the season - not sure of his status for next year. The Northwestern secondary looks bleak now.

    Offense -
    QB - Peyton Ramsey
    TE - John Raine
    WR - Riley Lees
    LT - Peter Skoronski **listed as or
    LG - Nik Urban
    C - Sam Gerak
    RG - Ethan Wiederkehr
    RT - Gunnar Vogel

    Defense -
    DT - Trevor Kent
    LB - Paddy Fisher
    LB - Blake Gallagher
    LB - Chris Bergin
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    Great write up Leonardfan. The last couple of years I had to do double takes when what looked like white running backs out there. Then I said to myself they can't be otherwise someone at CF would have brought their names up. Ha. All it takes is a pinch of black blood then you are in like flint at the caste positions.

    Imagine that another LB "Snow Patrol." Yes Fisher did take a draft status hit last year. Hopefully he roars back and proves the pricks wrong. Both QBs Johnson and Ramsey have excellent wheels. Johnson's mother was very ill and I think that affected his play last year.

    I like their coach Pat Fitzgerald. I think he has created a good culture there. And for some reason every time I see Riley Nees I think back to that fantastic TD punt return a couple of years back that was called back by a bogus flag.
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    Jul 30, 2006
    Yea it is getting more dicey but last year we had some folks who cracked those two cases.
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    Go Wildcats! Sucks Whillock opted out of this season!

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