2020 East Carolina Pirates

Discussion in 'College Football' started by Shadowlight, Sep 17, 2020.

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    Mar 16, 2013
    Since 2006 white starters are 7,6,4,3,9,7,11,7,3,6,6,4,4,and 4 in 2019. This year it creeps back to 5.

    This is essentially a caste drawn operation through and through despite the recent white WR splurge. They do have a 2021 WR of note coming in with Toler Keigley but I don't expect this team to become a caste busting staple down the road. But they are the rare FBS team that features two terrific white wide receivers who accumulate stats. Blake Proehl (54-670-4) and Tyler Snead (66-759-5). And both were underclassmen last year. Proehl's older brother Austin was the second to last pick in the NFL draft a few years back and starred in the shortened XFL this season but the NFL ignored him this go around. Snead had some huge games last season. He is small which might limit his NFL chances but then again he is also a terrific return man. To me he looks like he could play in the NFL with his dazzling quickness and excellent speed but he is not black so fill in the blanks. Never say never though. QB Hunter Ahlers is a big talented athlete that the NFL will be looking at. Otherwise this team is pretty darn barren but prominent white wide receivers offset a lot of things. Depth is practically non existent.

    Players to watch: QB Bryan Gagg and OL Trent Haller.

    QB Hunter Ahlers (JR)
    WR Blake Proehl (JR)
    WR Tyler Snead (SO)
    OC Fernando Frye (SR)
    OT Sean Bailey (SR)

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    Jul 20, 2018
    Man just imagine if they believed in White Defenders. Would be a solid 8-12 club. Worth watching on offense I suppose.

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