2019 Umass Minutemen

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    The last team write up of 2019, Umass gets the honor of being “Mr. Irrelevant”! And one of the most disappointing compared to prior years for the Minutemen

    Since 2012, UMass have started 9, 8, 6, 6, 7, 10, and 10 white players. In 2019 they project to plunge to an all time low of 4 after a senior heavy 2018 class of starters.

    This should come as no surprise though reading the bio of first year coach Walt Bell and some of the programs he's been with:

    Bell brings a wealth of expertise gathered across seven FBS programs to Amherst with him. In addition to his tenures at Arkansas State, Florida State and Maryland, Bell also worked with the North Carolina (2012-13), Southern Miss (2010-11), Oklahoma State (2009) and Memphis (2007-08) programs prior to his arrival at UMass.

    Kyle Horn - TE
    Mike Yereardi - RG

    Jake Byczko - DE
    Cole McCubrey - LB
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