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Discussion in 'College Football' started by TwentyTwo, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. TwentyTwo

    TwentyTwo Master

    Oct 31, 2009
    Since 2005, Stanford has started 11, 14, 14, 14, 15, 14, 13, 9, 9, 12, 14, 14, 13...last year 11. This season a significant drop to only 7.

    Not ready to label perennial Caste favorite out West an SEC school just yet (even though the Defense ONLY Starts One White player); too many young back up Skill position players should be making an impact in the future.

    6'-7" 240 Colby Parkinson is one of the best in the nation; continuing the impressive string of "Tight End U."

    1st Team All America Right Tackle Walker Little (Jr.) 6'- 7" 313 is a Future Early 1st Round pick in the NFL Draft.

    Included Left Tackle Foster Sarrell (Korean roots);' DWF's watching on TV looking at a player in uniform

    All Pac 12 2nd Team QB KJ Costello is the Starter; Vying for Top Back up...Davis Mills ; Jack West & Jack Richardson

    2 Deep....Fullback Jay Symonds (Soph.) 6'-3" 247; TE Scooter Harrington
    Keep an Eye on WR Colby Bowman (Fr.)

    OFFENSE (6)
    QB KJ Costello
    TE Colby Parkinson
    LT Foster Sarrell
    C Drew Dalman
    RG Dylan Powell
    RT Walker Little

    DEFENSE (1)
    OLB Casey Toohill

    2 Deep...DB Stuart Head 6'-4" 201 (Top Back up BOTH Safety positions) from GA; ILB Andrew Pryts; DE Thomas Schaffer (Sr.) 6'-7" 290

    Keep an Eye on ....CB Ethan Bonner (Soph.) from TX ; Safety Brock Jones (Fr.); Safety Spencer Jorgenson(2 year mission) ; Preferred Walk-on Safety Jason Kaul

    Class of 2020 Commits include stud WR's 6'-5" John Humphreys & Bryce Farrell + 6'-5" 220 Athlete Ben Yuroshek

    Was nearly finished with this entire Post / but Lost all of it Re-Booting Computer:mad:; pardon if not as detailed
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  2. Leonardfan

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    Jul 30, 2006
    Wow pretty disappointing. 7 players...Shaw needs to re-evaluate who laid the foundation for his job security.
  3. Don Wassall

    Don Wassall Administrator Staff Member

    Sep 30, 2004
    Yes, disappointing as Shaw has seemed like a pretty fair coach overall. But then again, of the college football powerhouses, common sense dictates that Stanford above all should be a very White friendly program. Maybe it's a one-off thing this year, but then again I'm reminded of how BYU relentlessly has become less and less White friendly, another program that should never become non-White dominated based on the strong talent pool available to recruit from.
  4. Shadowlight

    Shadowlight Master

    Mar 16, 2013
    Thanks TwentyTwo.

    The quote above is what we have to hang our hats on. Only time will flesh things out but it does appear to be a transitional year for the Cardinals where there will be less of a white presence. The lack of white starters on defense is always a distressing sign.

    But TwentyTwo lists several key back ups that might emerge. The sooner the better. CB Ethan Bonner of course is very important.

    Perhaps the most interesting development will be the status of WR Colby Bowman. A true split end/outside receiver who is a home run threat.
  5. Leonardfan

    Leonardfan Hall of Famer

    Jul 30, 2006
    My main issue is that Stanford has recruited white athletes on the front 7 for defense and on the OL as well. The success of Stanford was predicated on a strong defense and running game. It’s a shame to see them getting away from what made them successful.

    I do hope the skill position players start to creep up the depth chart but the beauty of teams like Wisconsin, Iowa and Stanford were how they were built and the type of physical dominant football they played.

    I am interested to see how the rest of the PAC 12 shapes up in the write ups.
  6. FootballDad

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    Oct 19, 2009
    Somewhere near Kansas City, MO
    I’m sure that all of those diverse defensive starters were high school valedictorians and will have no trouble with the high academic standards.
  7. Leonardfan

    Leonardfan Hall of Famer

    Jul 30, 2006
    Stanford finished the season 4-8 - their first losing season since 2008. I do not believe Bonner played at all this year.
  8. Extra Point

    Extra Point Hall of Famer

    Oct 21, 2012
    Hmmm. They have a significant drop in white players and all of a sudden they have a losing season. I wonder if there's a correlation.
  9. Bucky

    Bucky Mentor

    Jul 20, 2018
    I'd say defensively they've regressed!

    Doesn't help they lost NFL prospects KJ Costello and Walker Little early on in the season.

    Next year they should be better.

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