2019 Northern Illinois Huskies

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    Since 2006, NIU has started 11, 11, 14, 12, 11, 7, 7, 9, 6, 8, 10, and 9 white players. This year it looks to be back to 10.

    This D-Line will be fun to watch again, too bad that’s all there is on defense. S Adam Buirge is a senior but he’s behind two returning starters who are also seniors, he should be on every special team and also be the top backup at safety again.

    WR/PR Cole Tucker will be a full time starter this year. Not sure if he will keep his punt return job as he was below average last season (17 returns for 69 yards).

    An almost all white O-Line, the right guard isn’t black though he’s Mexican. Sacred Heart transfer (3 year starter) Andrew Starr should be in the mix to push the starters for time.

    QB Marcus Childers or Ross Bowers
    WR Cole Tucker
    TE Mitchell Brinkman
    LT Isaac Hawn
    LG Christopher Perez Jr.
    C Austin Warner
    RT Jordan Steckler

    DE Matt Lorbeck
    DT Jack Heflin
    DT Weston Kramer

    Players to watch:
    QB Anthony Thompson, WR Ryan Gibbons, TE Corey Lersch, OL Andrew Starr, OL Nolan Potter, OL Benn Olson, OL Brayden Patton, LB Vinny Labus, S Adam Buirge

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