2019 NFL Wide Receivers

Discussion in 'NFL' started by Deceptive Speed, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. Deceptive Speed

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    Jul 19, 2014
    Unlike Safety NFL WR's have become increasingly fair caste wise as the years pass by. Wes Welker may be the greatest thing to ever happen to the NFL as far as I'm concerned, with 2019 looking as good as its been since the 80's (or in my lifetime)! In 2019 we have 12 starters, with a total of 21 white WR's on active rosters!
    (Starters in Bold)


    Bills- Cole Beasley
    Patriots- Julian Edelman, Gunner Olszewski
    Jets- Braxton Berrios
    Bengals- Alex Erickson
    Steelers- Ryan Switzer
    Titans- Adam Humphries
    Redskins- Trey Quinn
    Broncos- River Cracraft
    Raiders- Hunter Renfrow (Slot)

    Packers- Jake Kumerow
    Vikings- Adam Theilen, Chad Beebe (Slot)
    Lions- Danny Amendola
    Panthers- Chris Hogan, Brandon Zylstra
    Bucs- Justin Watson, Scotty Miller
    Cardinals- Andy Isabella (#4 WR fighting for the #3 spot)
    Rams- Cooper Kupp
    49ers- Trent Taylor (Slot)
  2. woody39

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    Oct 19, 2012
    Great Britain
    Certainly best I can remember in my ten fifteen years I've been following the NFL.

    Think Thielen is the big one as he is quality outside receiver with speed and great hands showing whitey can be the best like we all know they can!
  3. Don Wassall

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    Sep 30, 2004
    Justin Watson and Andy Isabella aren't starters and I'm not sure how many snaps Beebe is playing, but there's definitely a nice array of inside receivers this season. None of them play outside much though many could -- Thielen, Kumerow, Hogan, Zylstra, Watson and Isabella certainly can, even Cooper Kupp would thrive in that role, but it's still taboo despite the numerous White tight ends running up and down the field making big plays.
  4. Sean89

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    Sep 4, 2018
    Dublin, Ireland
    Looks decent(for this era) on paper, however I am very concerned about most of the above gents.

    Kupp was ignored on a couple plays, whilst wide open, he's a superb route runner with great hands. He's fine though as are Edelman and Thielen. Could wax lyrical about those all night.

    Isabella/Miller I feel worried for already, relegated down the depth chart and with QB's who won't be capable of doing them any favours week in week out. Watson and Zylstra situations no word, no playing time. Kumerow we always hear the reviews,but never translates into game day.

    Gunner will do well to get any looks at receiver, Hogan I will be shocked if he's on an NFL roster next year. Taylor they seem determined to replace. Switzer being held back again, and going from team to team. Berrios and Erickson again, same ole story, no chance given. Pale skin need not apply !!

    How is it one of the most athletic positions in sports in full of white stars, and yet it translates no where on defense or wide out . Tight ends do it all.... they are physical, they block, they are quick and agile, they catch, break tackles with power and finesse... They out run and out power people... Yet the D is 99.9 % dark and anyone that catches out wide !!!

    Any semblance of a question with the above rambling is of course rhetorical !!
  5. Shadowlight

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    Mar 16, 2013
    I too am concerned after one week. For starters it seems to me too many of the white wide receivers who are playing are being relegated to very short pass patterns.

    The Isabella/Miller blinding speed duo being buried on the depth charts seems to lock into the grand theme I am detecting. Whether it is by a grand design or black locker room tactics or just mere coincidence ( I don't think so) it seems that white players running middle to long range pass patterns is something that is being eliminated.

    Still early in the season but this same pattern is showing up in college so far this season and it is making me very nervous.
  6. Jimmy Chitwood

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    Aug 10, 2005
    Cody Hollister has been promoted to the 53-man active roster by the Titans. good luck, brother!

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