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    ramicackle, actually went back to find the article. It was early 2011, so I did not remember the exact details : https://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/13/sports/ncaafootball/13luck.html

    Here are some Hi-light's: Luck passed up guaranteed millions to earn a degree in architectural design from the School of Engineering.......Luck’s course load is “not for slackers,” said his adviser. His major requires 36 credits in math and science and another 20 in engineering......Luck said that his most satisfying academic experience came from earning a B in Engineering 14, a class that blended concepts of architectural, civil, mechanical, aerospace and biomedical engineering.....[Professor] said that Luck was intelligent enough to finish college at M.I.T. after an N.F.L. career.

    Thanks for the heads up Bruce, I'm not sure what to make of SAT scores anymore? I scored about 200 points higher than Sherman did. But when I took it was more difficult and, perhaps, less "free points" where given way (used to be 400 free)? From what I gather, the test was dumbed down (for Sherman types) at some point in the 2000's and more free points were given just for taking the test. I think the folks in Princeton, New Jersey that administer the SAT acknowledged they made it easier, because blacks and Hispanics were doing so poorly that it affected their self-esteem?

    The 990 SAT Sherman scored would likely be the equivalent of a 790 in 1990's and prior? There is also the possibility he cheated -- copied answers, because he does not seem bright at all. Sure, he seems brighter than Michael Irving, Lamar Jackson or Vince Young types, but that's mostly because he's a bit more glib.
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    I heard the same thing about the SAT, that it’s no longer an aptitude test like it was intended to be. I can’t even put too much stock in the wonderlic anymore given how Jameis Winston managed to score the same as Peyton Manning. Affletes are probably getting coached on the test or cheating in other ways

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