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  1. Deceptive Speed

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    Jul 19, 2014
    Never too early to look out for next years white stars! So here are the top ranked whites at each position:
    Rank/ Name/ Size/ School/ Projection

    1. Justin Herbert 6'6 225 ORE Top 10 pick

    2. Drew Lock 6'3 225 Mizz 1st rd

    3. Jarrett Stidham 6'2 210 AUB 1st rd

    4. Will Grier 6'2 220 WVU 1st-2nd rd

    5. Ryan Finley 6'3 208 NC ST 1st-2nd rd

    1. Patrick Laird 6'0 205 CAL 6th-7th

    2. Winston Dimel 6'1 235 UTEP 5th-6th rd

    3. Alec Ingold 6'2 243 WIS 6th-7th rd

    1. David Sills 6'4 205 WVU 2nd rd

    2. Cody Thompson 6'2 205 TOL 3rd-4th rd

    3. Hunter Renfrow 5'10 180 CLEM 4th-5th rd

    4. Trent Irwin 6'1 205 STAN 5th-6th rd

    5. Andy Isabella 5'10 195 UMASS 6th-7th rd
    1. Kaden Smith 6'5 250 STAN 1st-2nd rd

    2. CJ Conrad 6'5 240 KU 2nd rd

    3. Logan Parker 6'2 253 S Utah 2nd-3rd rd

    4. Tommy Sweeney 6'5 255 BC 3rd rd

    5. Tyler Petite 6'4 245 USC 3rd-4th rd

    1. Ross Pierschbacher 6'4 303 ALA 1st rd

    2. Beau Benzschasel 6'6 317 WIS 1st-2nd rd

    3. Connor McGovern 6'5 328 PENN St. 2nd-3rd rd

    4. Chris Lindstrom 6'6 310 BC 2nd-3rd rd

    1. Trey Adams 6'7 316 WASH Top 10 pick

    2. Jonah Williams 6'5 301 ALA Top 10 pick

    3. Michael Deiter 6'5 324 WIS 1st rd

    4. Dalton Risner 6'5 308 K St. 1st-2nd rd

    5. Mitch Hyatt 6'5 310 CLEM 2nd rd

    1. Nick Bosa 6'3 265 OHIO St. #1 overall pick

    2. Zach Allen 6'5 285 BC 1st rd

    3. Chase Winovich 6'3 255 MICH 1st-2nd rd

    4. Anthony Nelson 6'7 265 IOWA 2nd-3rd rd

    5. Joe Gaziano 6'4 275 NW 3rd-4th rd


    1. Greg Gaines 6'2 320 WASH 2nd-3rd rd

    2. Matt Nelson 6'8 295 IOWA 4th-5th rd

    3. Ryan Bee 6'6 285 MARSH 5th-6th rd


    1. Porter Gustin 6'5 265 USC 2nd-3rd rd

    2. Sutton Smith 6'1 237 NIU 3rd-4th rd

    3. Andrew Van Ginkel 6'3 235 WIS 4th-5th rd

    1. Cameron Smith 6'3 255 USC 1st-2nd rd

    2. Ben Burr-Kirven 6'0 225 WASH 2nd-3rd rd

    3. Joe Bachie 6'2 240 MICH St. 3rd-4th rd

    4. Joe Dineen Jr. 6'2 230 KAN 4th-5th rd

    5. Drue Tranquill 6'0 230 ND 5th-6th rd

    1. Taylor Rapp 6'0 210 WASH 1st-2nd rd

    2. Andrew Wingard 6'0 210 WYO 3rd-4th rd

    3. Chris Johnson 6'2 200 N ALA 3rd-4th rd

    4. Chase Hansen 6'3 225 UTAH 4th-5th rd

    5. Tanner Muse 6'2 220 CLEM 5th-6th rd
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  2. white lightning

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    Oct 16, 2004
    Despite only being a sophomore, Colin Schooler is a one man wrecking crew for the Arizona Wildcats. The kid was
    the pac 12 freshman defensive player of the year last year and had 95 tackles in his first year of college football. He is
    leading the nation in tackles for loss this season and also is 4th in the the ncaa in total tackles this season so far. Colin
    also has 10 tackles for loss in the first 4 games. Amazing fast, athletic, smart and tough. He reminds me a little bit of Clay Matthews on the Packers. I think this kid has legitimate nfl talent and he has been consistently clocked running 20 mph over and over during games & practices in making tackles. They monitor this at the school with technology. The fastest players on the field only run 22 mph so this kid can fly and he is an absolute beast! Keep an eye on him guys.
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  3. Leonardfan

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    Jul 30, 2006
    Good stuff! I always list seniors initially just because it is hard to predict who is going to declare. I need to get back to putting my prospect watch list up in the 2019 draft thread.

    I think OT Trey Adams is going to get a medical redshirt and return to school for 2019.

    Grier should be a first round pick - no questions asked. Thorson has disappointed me to this point as he returns from his ACL injury - I think he is more of a mid round guy at this point.
  4. Deceptive Speed

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    Jul 19, 2014
    Thanks noted! Regarding the under-classman on the list there is strong reason to believe that they will declare, but I'll update the list as the season progresses.
  5. Leonardfan

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    Jul 30, 2006
    I agree with you on pretty much all of the underclassmen. I do think Stidham needs to stay for another year as he has not been dominant as a first round pick should be. I also appreciate you actually doing research and putting this together! It's good to have others on the site who do some research and analysis of their own. I have covered the draft here for quite a while and I think after the most recent white purge in the NFL I lost some of my interest in it. The draft thread is pretty quiet in the NFL forum but seeing your thread renewed my interest in the draft to a degree.

    I have come across another surprise 1st round candidate - Wisconsin OT David Edwards. With Trey Adam lost for the year it's nice to see another white OT move up the draft boards.

    As far as QBs - I have heard during college broadcasts how it is a big question mark - alot of hype for the Ohio State quotaback with all of 5 starts playing in a qb friendly system. The quotaback from Buffalo is also one starting to be pushed. It's amazing how that agenda keeps getting pushed.

    Today BC DE Zach Allen faces off against NC State QB Ryan Finley. It's a pretty intriguing matchup between 2 potential first round picks. Zach Allen is an all around great DL. From what I have read about Finley from all the "experts" is kind of a mixed bag. I think he compares favorably to Chad Pennington.

    I also think Texas DE/OLB Breckyn Hager will be a player who moves up draft boards during the draft process.
  6. Deceptive Speed

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    Jul 19, 2014
    Thats really nice to hear, ive been intrested in the NFL and NBA drafts for as long as I can remember. I wasnt aware that Trey Adams was lost for the season, thats a bummer.
  7. ximasa

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    Oct 30, 2016
    I love Hager & Sills V, but I don't think pro scouts will rate them high.

    Hager is better than his older Brother (LA Rams), explosiveness, who is a weapon for 3-4 D, but I'd guess some will say Hager sticks too much on social media.
    When Herman came, he lost his playing time on the pitch (and now he regained some back)

    "They" will say Sills V lacking breaking speed, though he has one of the best WR hands(and stats)... Rams drated Cooper Kupp, now it seems a "steal", but what the heck
    Kupp was 3rd-rounder ??? All time record holder and best skills among that WR class... they will do the same when Sills' name being put on draft board.
  8. Leonardfan

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    Jul 30, 2006
    Like clockwork - they are hyping up the Ohio State Quotaback:

    The Draft Network's Kyle Crabbs believes Ohio State redshirt sophomore QB Dwayne Haskins is likely to be a one-and-done.

    This may seem like an obvious statement but players decide to stay in school all the time, especially with the sport of football. Crabbs explains his reasoning, "Haskins’ play continues to exceed expectations. And to put it mildly, the 2019 QB class looks like it’s pretty hopeless otherwise." As long as Haskins continues to play well we think it's very likely he declares and is one of the top quarterbacks selected in the upcoming draft.
  9. Bucky

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    Jul 20, 2018

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