2019 NFL Divisional Playoffs

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    One difference between the Colts and the Pats is the Pats are a cold weather, bad weather team. I head the announcers talking about the weather will be 20 degrees in KC next week. The Pats have played in that weather in many home games and road in games in their North Eastern Seaboard division.

    I felt that was a factor in the Colts looking off in their loss to KC.
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    This keg of dynamite Hill was on the verge yesterday but apart form the momentum changing fake punt he missed out on a headline day. For crying out loud Brees has a history of "not connecting" with the few white receivers he has played with in the NFL and he clearly underthrew Hill on what was a certain TD. And yes they called back the beautifully thrown Hill TD pass. Two plays away from being the hero.

    Unnoticed it seems by the media but the Saints, who came close to losing yesterday, have not set the world on fire the past several games. Their defense played tough against the Eagles and they hung on but they will need to sharpen their knives against a balanced offense like the Rams. They can't let the Rams do what they did to Dallas which is ram the ball right down their throats. And their offense hasn't found that mid season explosion form where they were blowing out teams. They controlled the ball pretty well after getting behind 14-0 but they need to ramp it up a step to beat the Rams.

    I haven't suggested it but many have thought Tom Brady was finally showing his age. Yesterday he was as sharp as a tack as the Patriots dominated the Chargers. Like Kelce, Edelman was too sharp and too much of a disciplined route runner to get thrown off by a multi tiered DB zone look so he found the seams and tore it apart. When the hapless Chargers DBs later on tried to match up one on one with Julian the results were predictable as Edelman burned them alive.

    People like Mike Golic, who is now one of the worst caste offenders on the planet, and the media in general have been barking about the Patriots WR situation thinking Josh Gordon was going to save them blah blah blah. Hell without Gordon the passing game looked smooth yesterday and they have won every game since Gordon left. Golic suggested the Patriots should jump on Antonio Brown, another so called black savior. Golic has never given Edelman the respect he deserves. The Patriots already have a savior in Edelman who has helped lead them to two Super Bowl rings. He is a tough cookie and although the Chiefs are favored never discount the Brady to Edelman connection when things get tough.

    Next week should be exciting. The marquee game with the Chiefs and Pats will be highly anticipated.
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    What I thought was the most interesting aspect of the Burkehead touchdown play yesterday was that every skill player on that play was white: Brady, Gronkowski , Burkehead, Hogan, Edelman and Develin. Perhaps the glare from all of those palefaces confused the defense. Seriously, when was the last time that happened? The only possibility in the whole NFL for the last 40 years is with the Patriots.
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    Yeah, back in Danny Woodhead days maybe?

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