2019 Baseball Hall of Fame Class

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Don Wassall, Jan 24, 2019.

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    Sep 30, 2004
    Mariano Rivera became the first player voted in with 100% of the votes, but that was primarily because of the gradual fading away of the unwritten rule followed by some curmudgeon writers of never voting for a player his first year of eligibility.

    Mike Mussina, Roy Halladay and Edgar Martinez all made it as well, borderline players for Cooperstown, not all-time greats. Mussina went 270-153, which is impressive, and Halladay had a number of dominant years but only won 203 games.

    Harold Baines and Lee Smith were picked by the "Today's Game Era Committee," whatever the hell that is, the successor to the Veterans Committee I guess, which should have been abolished 40 years ago. Baines' one noteworthy achievement was to play a long time, 22 seasons, other than that he was never an elite player. A terrible fielder he was mostly a DH, never hit as many as 30 homers in a season, averaged about 80 RBIs a year to go with a .289 career batting average. No way he should have been selected. Dale Murphy was a much better all-around player, a five tool all-star and was twice was the NL's MVP, but he'll likely never get serious consideration by the "re-do" committee.

    Roger Clemens is up to 59.5% and Barry Bonds received 59.1%, but both are running out of eligibility. But no worries, Bonds will undoubtedly get in some day via the "Today's Game Era Committee" but I suspect Clemens never will, nor Mark McGwire. And Pete Rose will soon be 78; he'll die still being banned from the game.
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    I was too lazy to start a thread on this motley crew of "all time greats".

    Yes the two veterans committee guys smack of cronyism, the best line about Baines being elected was he didn't lower the bar he smashed the bar. I mean can you deny anybody now that was a borderline guy with Baines in? Bill Buckner, Rusty Staub's relatives, Al Oliver, Dwight Evans and others all could complain for not being under consideration with Baines election. From what I ready Larussa brow beat some committee members and Harold was elected. Lee Smith was talked about here as decent and a compiler but nothing spectacular, he might have been the 3rd or 4th best closer in the NL in his prime years but Smith like Baines was well liked by committee members.

    As for the other guys aside from Rivera all could have waited longer than they did to get in, in Martinez's case that would be to the new Veterans committee but he obviously is too good for that with good old Harold in....

    I have no clue if Clemens, Bonds or any other player tainted by the steroid scarlet letter will get in, but I do know Joe Morgan will voice his opinion against it as long as he is breathing.
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    Thank you Don, for mentioning Dale Murphy. His numbers look weak when compared to the steroid era, but he was the most solid power hitter of his era and played on some truly horrible teams. He should be in the HOF.

    I'm personally not a fan of any reliever getting in, at least modern day relievers that pitch 1 inning in the 9th with a 4 run lead to get a "save". The save statistic is the biggest crock.

    Harold Baines' election is an absolute abomination. Just more destruction to the game of baseball by the "genius" Tony LaRussa.

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