2018 White Wide Receivers

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    Dec 1, 2006
    Compared to the 90s early 2000s the current status quo is a bit better, with RunCMC & Thielen dominant and the likes of Hogan, Edelman, Amendola etc having continued success the past few years. Also the Watt brothers are in the news a lot.
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    Jul 19, 2014
    Over the past 2 weeks we've had 2 rookie white WR's emerge for their teams in Wash. Trey Quinn, and Min. Chad Beebe.
    Since returning off the IR Quinn has taken on a big role as the skin's no. 3 WR, and lead punt returner! Quinn played like a savy vet last week to catch 4 rec for 49 yds, and he's already hauled in 5 rec for 26 yds with a TD today!

    Beebe has made less of an impact for his team but still came from nothing to earn the Vikings 4th WR spot. Beebe displayed elite quickness thru 2 games bringing in 4 rec for 42 yds, and showed enough to earn an increase in targets this week!
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    Jun 4, 2007
    I missed the most recent Redskins game, so I didn’t realize that Quinn was getting so involved. Good so see him take over the spot of the injured anthem-kneeler, Crowder. His first NFL TD...

  4. The Sapient

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    Jan 28, 2012
    As of 12/14/2018, 31 WRs are signed to a NFL team.

    22 WRs Have Been Active For At Least One Game In 2018:

    Alex Erickson - Cincinnati
    Cole Beasley - Dallas
    River Cracraft - Denver
    Jake Kumerow - Green Bay
    Gehrig Dieter - Kansas City
    Dylan Cantrell (Rookie) - LA Chargers
    Cooper Kupp - LA Rams
    Danny Amendola - Miami
    Adam Thielen - Minnesota
    Brandon Zylstra - Minnesota
    Chad Beebe (Rookie) - Minnesota
    Julian Edelman - New England
    Chris Hogan - New England
    Riley McCaron - New England
    Chad Hansen - New England (Was active for at least one game with NE. He is now on DEN’s Practice Squad.)
    Jordy Nelson - Oakland
    Ryan Switzer - Pittsburgh
    Trent Taylor - San Francisco
    Adam Humphries - Tampa Bay
    Justin Watson (Rookie) - Tampa Bay
    Nick Williams - Tennessee (Was active for at least one game with TN, then released. Signed by Rams on 10/16/18 and then released by Rams on 11/30/18.)
    Trey Quinn (Rookie) - Washington

    4 WRs Have Been Inactive All Season Long Due To Injuries:

    Jordan Taylor - Denver (PUP)
    Braxton Berrios (Rookie) - New England (IR)
    Cody Hollister - New England (Non-football injury list)
    Thomas Sperbeck - Tampa Bay (IR)

    8 WRs are currently on a NFL Practice Squad:

    Daniel Braverman - Arizona (signed 12/4/2018)
    Tanner McEvoy - Buffalo (signed 12/12/2018)
    Tanner Gentry - Chicago
    Chad Hansen - Denver
    Austin Proehl (Rookie) - LA Rams
    Riley McCaron - New England
    Max McCaffrey - San Francisco
    Caleb Scott (Rookie) - Seattle

    By the end of the 2017 season, 24 WRs were active for at least one game.

    Jake Wieneke and Nelson Spruce are signed to the Alliance of American Football league.
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    Jan 2, 2019
    Don't forget River Cracraft.
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    Oct 19, 2009
    He did not forget River Cracraft, if you read the list closely.

    Since he last updated it, however, Max McCaffrey was activated for the last game by San Francisco and Brandon Reilly was signed to Detroit's Practice Squad the final week.
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    Jan 28, 2012
    Thanks @Truthteller

    So we capped off the 2018 season with 23 WRs active for at least one game, 8 WRs on a NFL practice squad and 4 WRs on IR.

    Hopefully next season, we will see the start of Berrios career along with the emergence of young guys such as Trent Taylor, Jake Kumerow, Trey Quinn, Justin Watson, etc.

    As other posters have noted, if we can get the following guys drafted or signed in 2019, then the potential to eclipse the magical # of 25 is a possibility:

    1. David Sills 6'4 205 WVU 2nd rd
    2. Andy Isabella 5'9 190 UMASS 3rd-4th rd
    3. Hunter Renfrow 5'10 185 CLEM 4th rd
    4. Cody Thompson 6'2 210 TOL 4th-5th rd
    5. Scotty Miller 5'10 175 BGSU 6th-7th rd
    6. Trent Irwin 6'1 205 STAN 6th-7th rd
    7. Timmy Hernandez 6’0 198 OREG ST UDFA
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    Mar 16, 2013
    Sapient does a swell job compiling WR info.

    I don't like raining on the parade but the 2019 WR draft list above (and another CF member Deceptive has one up in the NFL Draft thread ) is overly optimistic. Hell if the top 6 on the Sapient's list were all drafted that would be heroic in my book--keeping things in relative terms. I would prefer 15 white WRs drafted every year but that is pure dreaming.

    While it is early at the moment the only three players I am fairly comfortable as far as draft status are Sills, Isabella and Renfrow.

    Both Cody Thompson and Trent Irwin are on the fringe as far as I can tell. Irwin was wearing a full caste on his leg and missed the bowl game. If he isn't recovered enough to work out at full strength prior to the draft ,history suggests he would be skipped over. Just being a white WR draft prospect is precarious enough. Being an injured white WR draft prospect spells doom.

    WR/PR Scotty Miller, who I have graded as a 6th round pick and an exciting one at that, is currently not on most draft lists. He does show up on one as a fringe prospect but in general it will be an uphill climb for him to get picked. Notre Dame WR/PR Chris Finke will likely be an UDFA.

    More a return specialist but listed as a WR ( where he played at BC) is Boston College's Michael Walker. I and maybe I alone am very high on Walker. I see him as an explosive return man who can hopefully down the road become a weapon at WR. I have Walker graded as a 6th round pick but the odds of a white return specialist/special teams player being drafted are sadly remote. I would be shocked if he was invited to the combine and expect him to be ignored by everyone down the line.

    Obviously I hope like crazy that all of the above names get drafted but at least for now I don't see six white WRs getting drafted. I have been pretty damn accurate the past several years so I won't give my official tally until a week or two prior to the draft after the combine and school draft day workouts.

    The talent is available. All of the top six on the list above deserve to get drafted. Whether the teams bite is always the wild card question.
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    Jan 28, 2012
    Thanks @Shadowlight

    4.4 speedster Brandon Reilly has been signed to the Dallas Cowboys practice squad which brings up our total to 32 WRs signed to a team.
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    May 14, 2006
    Roger Carr had a monster season in 1976.
    43 recpetions for 1,112 yds = 25.9 yds/catch! Plus 11 touchdowns.
    Lots of highlights here:

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