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  1. Deceptive Speed

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    Jul 19, 2014
    QB- Alex Smith, Colt McCoy

    WR- Trey Quinn

    TE- J.P. Holtz

    C- Chase Roullier, Tony Bergstrom

    OG- Brandon Scherff, Casey Dunn

    OT- Tyler Catalina

    DE- Matt Ioannidis

    ILB/OLB- Ryan Kerrigan, Zach Vigil

    S- Troy Apke

    K- Dustin Hopkins
    P- Tress Way
    LS- Nick Sundberg
    (Starters in Bold)

    QB Nic Shimonek, and TE Matt Flanagan are signed to the PS. No whites on IR.

    The Redskins acquired QB Alex Smith this off-season who has been a steady passer his entire career, but lost Kirk Cousins who was arguably coming off a better season. Rookie WR Trey Quinn has made the 53-man roster and should contribute early. Washington havn't had a starting white TE since Chris Cooley so no surprise here. Their O-line is usually below-par as well, but they manage to start 3/5 white this year.
    On defense, the Redskins return all-pro sack machine OLB/DE Ryan Kerrigan. Rookie Safety Troy Apke out of Penn St. made the team as well, and may push for the FS spot as the season progresses.

    Total white Starters- 6
    Total whites on 53-man roster- 16
    Team Grade- C-

    ( If Quinn or Apke break into the starting line-up, they would surprise people. Lack of OL/TE depth hurts them)
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  2. Truthteller

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    Oct 19, 2009
    Trey Quinn suffered a high ankle sprain in Sunday's win over the Cardinals.

    This type injury, unfortunately, has a tendency to linger a bit.... Let's hope this isn't used as a reason to (racially) cleanse this player from the roster.

    This happened to Nelson Spruce a few years ago, after he had a huge pre-season with the Rams. Made the team with ease, even was reportedly in line to be the 3rd receiver. But after he was placed on IR as a rookie, despite not suffering a major injury, he never got close to making any team again.
  3. Truthteller

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    Oct 19, 2009
    Looks like Quinn will, in fact, be headed to the dreaded IR. Hopefully he will be designated to return this season, or else there is a very good chance he will "Spruced" (note my previous post for what I mean).

    Basically, if he can't show anything this season, the team will likely draft early/sign several over hyped bums to make sure he is phased next season, like Nelson Spruce was in L.A.

    Redskins recently worked out tall, fast wide receiver Brandon Reilly, who was the Bills' top receiver the last two summers. I'm hoping he gets signed, as the Redskins also placed another rookie wide receiver on the IR yesterday. While it seems like it could be a wise move for Jay Gruden, a quick roster check shows Washington has a whopping four black wide receiver 's on their practice squad.

    I can't even imagine the locker room meltdown in D.C. if a no-name "whitey" is handed a roster spot over the four affletes on the P-Squad... One of the yutes even starred on Michigan's feetsball team. Hopefully all the chairs are nailed to the floor in the Redskins' receiver conference room, if Reilly is signed to the 53 man roster!

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