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    Since 2006, USC has started 8, 6, 7, 5, 6, 6, 3, 5, 4, 6, 6, and 5 white players. In 2018 they will bump back up slightly to 6, with only the three second-stringers.

    True freshman JT Daniels replaces Sam Darnold, having been the #2 ranked quarterback of his class, behind of course the scary-good Trevor Lawrence which isn't anything to be ashamed of! Behind Daniels are SO Matt Fink and RS FR Jack Sears (#4 QB of his class). Offensive line is packed with sumos, including the entire second-team OL, but beyond that they have two true freshman as third-string OL in C Justin Dedich (#2 centre for his class) and RT Liam Douglass. No WRs on the three-deep but beyond that on the roster they have JR Jake Russell (walk-on), FR Zach Wilson (walk-on), RS FR Matt Nyman (walk-on), JR Matthew Hocum (walk-on), and RS FR Jack Webster (you guessed it - walk-on).

    The two white starters on defense are probably the two best players on the defense overall. Smith and Gustin combined for 10 tackles, 3.5 for loss, two pass deflections and 2.5 sacks in the opener against UNLV. Smith had 112 tackles last season, while Gustin had injuries reduce him to just four games, from which he had three sacks. Only the one second-string player in DE Caleb Tremblay (JR), while DT Jacob Lichtenstein (RS FR), DE Connor Murphy (JR), and FS Richard Hagestad (RS SO - former walk-on of course) are on the three-deep.

    QB: JT Daniels (FR)
    TE: Tyler Petite (SR)
    LG: Chris Brown (SR)
    RG: Andrew Vorhees (SO)

    OLB: Porter Gustin (SR)
    ILB: Cameron Smith (SR)

    Back-ups listed on the two-deep include QB Matt Fink, TE Erik Krommenhoek, and DE Caleb Tremblay.
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    Nice write up - hopefully Sears and Finke transfer!
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    Thanks Leofan.

    Not a coincidence that high flying USC faltered once Edge player Porter Gustin got injured and was out of the line up.

    Not a lot to get excited about here but with two sure fire NFL players in tackling machine LB Smith and underrated Gustin there is a least a pulse.
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    As always, only NFL caliber Whites are allowed to play on college defenses.
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