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Discussion in 'Pittsburgh Steelers' started by Don Wassall, Sep 6, 2018.

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    Mar 16, 2013
    I think Tomlin has made critical errors the past few seasons see Don's post above. His lack of trust in his albeit shaky defense has caused him to over compensate and take foolish risks that have back fired. And yes he isn't the greatest game manager out there that is for sure.

    That said he is on the precipice and his once cozy job could be in jeopardy in the not too distant future after next season. Once a player's coach who let the "black brigade" dictate the locker room perhaps Tomlin is seeing the light in those terms. The recent moves to pick up an outstanding edge player in TJ Watt and to secure his return game with a heady player like Switzer who he even incorporated into the offense at least tells me he isn't going in the wrong direction.

    Now an "older" coach and hopefully more mature and confident in himself, Tomlin ( I agree with Rocky and others) must get rid of baby Brown. PERIOD. JuJu could easily slip into the number one WR spot. Tomlin did display some maturity when it was mentioned that Brown's agent wanted to "negotiate" Brown back into the starting line up the last game of the season after the last ( of too many) incidents and Tomlin told him to bugger off.

    They have not won a Super Bowl with Brown and even if they had this putrid ******* must be removed by all means necessary. Tomlin is getting too old to be one of the brothers and he needs to start putting his foot down. Enough is enough.

    And here is a news flash. They will be fine without the cry baby. Perhaps finally win another Super Bowl.
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    Hilarious that Weenieworld can post stuff like this in a serious manner. Terrell Owens as your mentor? lolol What could possibly go wrong when your mentor is a child-like prima donna who was a locker room cancer everywhere he played and who refused to go to Canton after he was elected to the pro football hall of fame? No wonder Brown is such a screw-up. Owens is Exhibit A of how the ethics of the NFL and society in general have gone straight downhill since the agenda became pandering to black dysfunction at all costs. If Owens (or Brown) had played before say 1968, there would have been White teammates who would have beat the crap out of him if he tried to pull any of the antics he regularly did during his career.

    Terrell Owens confirmed that Antonio Brown wants out of Pittsburgh. The former wide receiver has been a mentor to AB and claims the two spoke often throughout Brown's tumultuous 2018 campaign. "He wants to move on," said Owens, who cited Brown's deteriorating relationship with Ben Roethlisberger as a source of tension. "I think Ben owes him a lot more respect than he has given him." Owens, who wore out his welcome at almost every stop in his NFL career, is an odd person to ask for advice, though apparently he's become a trusted resource for Brown. T.O. also noted that A.B. has inquired about San Francisco, where Owens spent the first eight seasons of his career, on "several occasions." Brown's ongoing saga will be one of the most compelling storylines of the offseason.
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    Would be nice to see AB and Bell gone in Pittsburgh next season. Steelers draft David Sills and keep bringing along Switzer in the Slot. Big Ben deserves better at the end of his career.

    On defense Watt is a Star and Chickillo IMO would be a solid starter when given the chance. They also signed DT/DE Conor Sheehy to a futures contract. After Pit starting 3 DL depth is weak. Be nice to see another white DE crack the rotation.(miss the days of Keisel and Smith!) Matakevich racial apprenticeship going on what year 4?!


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