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    Jun 4, 2007
    It seems that the Ghanian Giants' new 1st round running back, Saquan Barkley, is causing mass-elation among their cucked DWFs. I was in New Jersey last week and saw numerous wigger slobs festooned in blue Nike t-shirts that read: "Saquan State of Mind." From what I saw of Barkley at PSU, he does seem like a great player...but was he really any more dynamic than Christian McCaffrey was at Stanford? McCaffrey is the player who owns the NCAA single-season all-purpose yardage record. Barkley, on the other hand, doesn't even hold PSU's all-time rushing record. The t-shirt (venerating a player that has yet to play a single NFL snap) costs $26.00...


    Barkley is such a "great guy" that he and his mudshark girlfriend just had a child out of wedlock. I'm certain that this sickening little factoid is yet another reason why the perma-inebriated DWF cucks in the NY-NJ area worship him so thoroughly.
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    Oct 21, 2012
    Veneration is the right world. It means great respect or reverence. Usually its used in a religious context.

    White liberals, including DWFs, literally worship blacks. They've, to some degree, replaced the worship of God with the worship of blacks. If you observe their behavior you'll see this is true.

    For example, to a white liberal, the criticism of a black is morally wrong, no matter what they do. White liberals are incapable of having a bad thought about a black person. This lack of ability to think a bad thought about a black, or other non-white, explains a lot of their behavior.
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    These are their words from their ivory towers. In practice they are more racist than anybody. They generally have no black friends, have never been to a proper “diverse” neighborhood and wouldn’t unless they had a team of bodyguards.
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    The Giants are a loathsome Caste team, so much so they’ve been dubbed Ghana’s team. Here are your 2018 White Ghanaian Gnats….er NY Giants (starters in bold):

    QB – Eli Manning, Alex Tanney, Kyle Lauletta

    TE – Rhett Ellison, Scott Simonson

    OL – Nate Solder, Chad Wheeler, John Greco, Spencer Pulley, Evan Brown

    DL – Josh Mauro

    LB – Nate Stupar, Connor Barwin

    Special Teams: P Riley Dixon, LS Zak DeOssie

    LB Calvin Munson, who was on the 53 man roster and even started a few games last year, has been demoted to practice squad.

    G Nick Gates and DT Kristjan Sokoli are on injured reserve.

    The Giants have in increase of 4 players on the roster and stay about even with starters from last year’s disaster. Hopefully this is a good sign for the new Gettleman (GM) and Shurmur (HC) regime. Manning is in the twilight of what should be a Hall of Fame career. His consecutive start streak was snapped last year because the team was bad, and the racist GM Reese wanted to see a brotha start at QB for the first time in team history. It was such an embarrassment that even the (((NYC sports media))) called for Reese and McAdoo’s (total cuck) firing. Hopefully Eli has a few good years left because the Giants have zero experience at the backup position. Cutting Davis Webb may also turn out to be foolish.

    Elsewhere, Ellison should start as the Giants run a 2 TE set as their base formation. He’s a good blocker and an underrated pass catcher too. Solder was a huge signing, but the team let Pugh and Richberg walk, replacing them with a Poly and a beaner. 1 offensive lineman is a new low since I’ve followed the team. The depth is all-White so hopefully that changes for the better mid-season. Mauro comes over from Arizona and should start once he returns from his “supplement” 4 game suspension. Barwin and Stupar are both good players who should get a good amount of reps on defense.

    Total White starters: 5 or 6

    Total Whites on 53-man roster: 15

    Overall grade: D
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    Jul 19, 2014
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    Giants actually getting a little more palatable, with two new starters, John Greco at center, and Chad Wheeler at tackle. I believe Greco's will be for good, not sure about Wheeler, but reports are that Giants are getting fed up with Flowers, another sumo bust. So, if we count Ellison as a starter, G-men up to five total starters on offense, and between Barwin and Mauro when he comes back, the equivalent of at least one more on defense

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