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    Since this is my first official team write up here at caste think of me as the walk on white guy. Filling in for Jack Lambert who has always done a bang up job but as divine intervention would have it this report is coming in just before the deadline as Nebraska's opener was canceled last week due to weather.

    Since 2005 Nebraska has started 11,13,11,12,11,13,14,13,8,10,11,11 and 9 last year. This season is at roughly 8. Yikes!!!

    The BIG NEWS in Cornhusker land is returning son Scott Frost taking the helm and the fans are drooling in anticipation. Nebraska fans are notoriously the most rabid in all of college football and it was quite a shame that in a full stadium last week the opening salvo went by the wayside.

    We will have to wait and see if Frost turns things around on the caste meter but their previous HC Mike Riley was a dyed in the wool caste follower and look where that got him. A bad hire from the start he had no business running the Cornhuskers.

    Unfortunately this year's squad doesn't veer too far off of last year's in terms of caste make up. Offensive skill players are generally missing in action. This is not your "daddy's" Nebraska team. Below are the white starters.


    RG: Tanner Farmer
    C: Cole Conrad
    LT: Brenden Jaimes
    RT: Matt Farniok
    TE: Jack Stoll


    NT: Mick Stoltenberg
    DE: Ben Stille
    ILB: Will Honas (in a battle for the position)
    OLB: Luke Gifford

    Notable back ups: OL Christian Gaylord,OL John Raridon, OL Hunter Miller, OL Boe Wilson, OL Matt Sichterman. TE Austin Allen, TE Kurt Rafdal, QB Andrew Bunch, WR Ben Reimers and S Jo Jo Domann.

    Ugly stuff by Nebraska standards. They are starting a hyped freshman "dual threat" in Adrian Martinez so this team could become insufferable rather quickly. His rival for the spot Tristan Gebbia transferred to Oregon State.

    A few more notes. Kurt Warner's son Kade is a WR as a preferred walk on. Walk on is generally a dirty word but at least Nebraska has a solid history of walk on players.

    The defense has some good stuff going on. LB Honas is a junior transfer who has a lot of potential as does DE sophomore Ben Stille who flashed during his freshman season. Gifford is a rangy smart LB.

    However the depth on offense and defense is lacking but there is always hope players will emerge since this is Nebraska.

    Dual threat QB Noah Vedral followed Frost from UCF and will be eligible next season.

    Looking ahead Frost's early recruiting patterns are an improvement over Riley's and over the course of the next few seasons I would hope the team gets back to it's roots and becomes more white friendly.
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    Great write-up Shadowlight! Many thanks for helping out!
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    WR Kade Warner caught 2 passes for 16 Yards tonight, so perhaps his role increases after an Injury.
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    WR Kade Warner (Kurt's son) promoted to 1st string WR in latest depth chart.

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