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Discussion in 'College Football' started by Leonardfan, Aug 21, 2018.

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    Jul 30, 2006
    Since 2006 the Golden Gophers have started 11, 9, 10, , 8, 10, 8, 11, 9, 11, 19, 7 and 6 white starters. They look to start 7 in 2018.

    PJ Fleck enters his second year as the head coach and this roster has some future potential looking past this season.

    The surprise of this roster is that Fleck has named preferred walk on freshman QB Zack Annexstad as the starter. Apparently he was a pretty highly ranked QB but due to recruiting numbers at Minnesota he had to go the walk on route although he was being pursued by other Power 5 schools. Fleck seems to be pretty confident in him as a true freshman so he could be a QB to look out for this year and down the road. Annexstad is also a Minnesota native so it is somewhat encouraging to see in-state recruiting occurring (although Annexstad did attend IMG Academy).

    Players to look out for include QB Tanner Morgan, WR Matt Morse, WR Brock Annexstad, TE Jake Paulson, DT Nate Umlor, LB Trenton Guthrie, LB Blake Cashman, S Alex Strazzanti, S Calvin Swenson, S Jack Leius.

    A couple of other intriguing players are on this team - Freshman Josh Aune - the number 4 recruit in Minnesota - he may redshirt this season but it seems like he may have potential down the road. Also, Freshman RB Preston Jelen who is another in state recruit. It does look like Fleck has dialed back the recruiting trips to Florida to get affletes so far which is a stark contrast to his predecessors.

    QB Zack Annexstad
    TE Ko Kieft
    C Jared Weyler
    LG Conner Olson
    RG Blaise Andries
    RT Sam Schlueter

    DE Carter Coughlin - one of the more overlooked defensive players in the Big Ten
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    Mar 16, 2013
    Thanks Leo.

    Much like Indiana I won't get a chance to watch much of the Gophers this year because my cable company cut the cord with the Big Ten network.

    That said this team hasn't exactly been must watch TV over the years despite the fact that they have had some white WRs over the past decade.

    But like so many other teams from mainly white states I am always surprised how few white players dot their starting rosters.

    Leo makes a good point, the couple of times I caught MINN last season DE Coughlin was a terror.

    Admittedly I have never followed this team much but going by Leo's report there does seem to be a hint the team is moving into a more positive direction as it relates to caste.

    But like so many teams with players bubbling near the surface the proof will be in the pudding so another wait and see bubble team.
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    During their game against Fresno State it seemed they had more white players on the field for defense than just one for much of the time. (I watched a few segments of the game). I believe I saw Blake Cashman on the field a lot, and he is listed as a starter on ourlads most recent depth chart.

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