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    Since 2006 Miami has started 4, 4, 2, 4, 2, 4, 5, 3,4 4, 3, and 3 whites last season. HC Mark Richt and the Hurricanes will see a slight increase to 4 white starters in 2018.
    The mediocre mulatto QB Malik Rozier, but if or when he struggles promising true Fr. Cade Weldon is waiting in the wings. Weldon beat out a couple of over-hyped quotabacks for the back-up job, and the future is his. Miami don't have a new Braxton Berrios yet, but 5'11 (So) WR Marshall Few has already appeared this season, and he could surprise some.
    At TE So. Brian Polendey beat out a black for the starting spot, while 4-star recruit Fr. Will Mallory was one of the nations best TE's and should see some PT. Their OL looks to be only 2/5 white, but both Gauthier and Mahoney have potential to play in the NFL!
    On defense Miami will start their first white player in ages there in (Jr) DE Scott Patchan, who has been mostly restricted to garbage time his career thus far. No other white scholarship defenders as far as I could tell.


    TE- Brian Polendey 6'6 245 (So)
    C- Tyler Gauthier 6'5 300 (Sr)
    RG- Hayden Mahoney 6'5 305 (Jr)

    DE- Scott Patchan 6'6 255 (Jr)

    Ones to watch in 2018: (Fr) QB Cade Weldon, (Fr) TE Will Mallory, (So) WR Marshall Few, (So) C Corey Gaynor, (Fr) OT Zach Dykstra
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    D-End Scott Patchan really stands out being the Canes' only white defender Off the Edge at 6'- 6"!

    The last white defender that i can remember was in 2014 Anthony Chickillo (6th Round Pick by Steelers in 15')

    When was Miami's last scholarship white WR before Braxton Barrios(17')?? The early 1980's?? Will it be another 25 years before they Sign another white WR??
    Freshman Will Mallory was a HS WR until they forced him to grow into TE. He battled injuries this season with only 5 receptions & one TD.

    The QB play at Miami has been weak to say the least.
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    Back to work for me today so I missed out on the early game. Looks like Duke Qb Daniel Jones had a huge game. I hope he declares since Herbert decided to stay for his senior season.

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