2018 Louisiana Tech Bulldogs

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    Since 06' Tech has started 9, 9, 7, 8, 9, 6, 6, 8, 7, 8, 8, and 8 white starters. In 2018 Louisiana Tech look set to start 8 whites yet again, HC Skip Holtz has ensured they maintain a good number if whites.

    At QB they have started the year with quotaback J'mar Smith, as part-time starter from 2017 Westin Elliott watches from the bench. Hopefully Elliott retakes the job as the season progresses. The OL looks good at 4/5 white, and there's a possibility it jumps to a "snow plow" if (Sr) LT Hanner Shipley beats a sumo. TE Zach Cousar will return as a starter, but there's a cache as Tech play 4 WR sets a lot with Cousar mainly a blocker. They have a couple WR's on the roster with potential in 5'9 (So) Jake Norris who may end up being their new Trent Taylor, and 6'3 (Fr) Griffin Hebert who's more of an outside threat.

    On defense the Bulldogs will feature 3 white starters, not bad for a team in Louisiana. (Sr) DT Jordan Bradford is a returning starter, and has started 2018 nicely with 16 tackles and 2 sacks! (Sr) DE Matthew Ydarraga gets his chance to start in his final season, and (Jr) LB Connor Taylor round out the starters. Also (Sr) LB Brandon Durman was a starter in 2017 but is listed as a back-up, he could give Tech 4 white starters later in the season.


    TE- Zach Cousar (So) 6'4 230
    LG- Joshua Mote (Fr) 6'3 289
    C- Kody Russey (So) 6'1 290
    RG- Ethan Reed (Jr) 6'4 295
    RT- Michael Rodriguez (Sr) 6'6 300

    DT- Jordan Bradford (Sr) 6'2 288
    DE- Matthew Ydarraga (Sr) 6'3 255
    ILB- Connor Taylor (Jr) 6'0 225

    Ones to watch for in 2018: QB (Jr) Westin Elliott, WR (So) Jake Norris, WR (Fr) Griffin Hebert, TE (Jr) Peyton Braswell, OG (Jr) Drew Kirkpatrick, OT (Sr) Hanner Shipley, DE (Jr) Eric Kendzior, LB (Sr) Brandon Durman

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