2018: 'He should concentrate on football', Suarez slams Ousmane Dembele being late for training

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    Barcelona forward Luis Suarez has slammed Ousmane Dembele for turning up late for training and said that he should concentrate on football and get his priorities right.

    With numerous reports constantly coming out that Barcelona winger Ousmane Dembele turns up late for training, has a bad routine – that a footballer should not have – and does not put enough efforts in training sessions with the Catalan club, Barcelona forward Luis Suarez has criticised the French forward for his careless attitude. Having been bought from German club Borussia Dortmund for a £135million fee in 2017, Dembele had come in a replacement to Neymar, who had left for French club Paris Saint Germain.

    The tricky winger had a disappointing start to his Barcelona career only scoring three goals in 17 matches last season and with some unlucky injuries which kept him out for quite some time has deteriorated Dembele’s attitude this season.

    Luis Suarez has said that the team members should help him to make him realise that a footballer has to stay disciplined 24-hours-a-day and that he is a special talent. Dembele has often been criticised for turning up late for training after playing video games

    “I have not lost patience with him, he has a special talent and we have to help him. Being a football player is a real privilege, he should basically concentrate on football " Suarez said. "There are many examples of professionalism in the Barcelona dressing room and he needs to be inspired by them."

    To add to to the list of people talking about Dembele’s attitude and punctuality record, French head coach Didier Deschamps has said that the 21-year-old turns up late in the French training camps too.

    "Ousmane has been with us for a while, that's his usual trick to be late, but in his defence, I'm sure he'll say: 'I'm not the only one.” Deschamps said.

    "Whether at a big club like Barcelona, in the French national team or elsewhere, he has to pay attention to that. It's part of the life and requirements of a professional footballer. He must improve to prevent it from becoming negative. These are situations that can be repeated,” he added.
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