2018 College Football Week 12

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  1. Shadowlight

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    Mar 16, 2013
    Isabella's 75 yard TD catch against "mighty" Georgia is shown just past the 12 minute mark on the highlight video below. Also the above 45 yard nab is at the end. What a great story. We need this type of stuff to keep us interested.

  2. northwinds

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    Oct 3, 2010
    Clemson’s Hunter Renfrow went out in the first half against Duke with a head injury and did not return. Looks like he is OK and will play in his last college game against South Carolina next week.
  3. Leonardfan

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    Jul 30, 2006
    Thanks for posting that Shadowlight - Isabella made those two supa afffletic DBs look stupid!
  4. Leonardfan

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    Jul 30, 2006
    All of the big name draftable QBs had another week of good performances:

    Will Grier - 27/48 364 yds 2 tds
    Drew Lock - 21/30 257 yds 2 tds
    Justin Herbert - 19/34 262 yds 2 tds
    Ryan Finley - 26/36 316 yds 4 tds
  5. Truthteller

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    Oct 19, 2009
    I posted the above in another thread last week. Watched Boston College again last night. What a huge disappointment that they could not finish off Florida State. The defensive tackle ESPN announcer's were claiming is a draft worthy NFL prospect is:

    Ray Smith | 96

    DT | SR | Boston College
    Ht: 6010 | Wt: 305 | Carlsbad, CA

    Hopefully he will not be drafted by Seattle and moved to offensive guard....Perhaps his lack of height will mean he stays at DT in the NFL?....but height could also be an excuse to cleanse him from the NFL, even though a lot of black DT's are the same size.

    Either way, he should be added to CF's draft big board. ACC head coaches claiming he's draftable means more than a Draftscout.com's ranking. Perhaps he even gets Senior Bowl/Combine invites, if Addazio is correct?
  6. Leonardfan

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    Jul 30, 2006
    Nice find Truthteller! Always nice to get some good news. Thanks for the info.
  7. Bucky

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    Jul 20, 2018
    Truly spectacular season Isabella has put together! Looking forward to the Draft Process. I'd say heshput himself in an excellent position going forward!

    Truthteller, nice to see BC having 2 Stud DL Prospects!
  8. Truthteller

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    Oct 19, 2009
    Thanks, Leonardfan and Bucky. Those were the words of the ESPN announcers. Hopefully they are correct. Ray does not have a sack this season, but seems to be more of a white-summo run stuffer at defensive tackle...He seems like a a Kelly Gregg type? Remember him from 1999 to 2011?

    Having watched BC a lot this year, if I were to guess, I would've assumed this goy was an even better prospect, but he's only a junior:

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  9. Leonardfan

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    Jul 30, 2006
    Kelly Gregg was a great pro. Key cog for those Baltimore defenses as a 3-4 NT.
  10. TwentyTwo

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    Oct 31, 2009
    Thanks for all the quality post!

    Andy Isabella showed the SEC once again he can not be covered by the best athletes! MAYBE Isabella can go talk with Adam Theilen about the process? Max Borghi is entertaining to watch; just a Freshman future is bright! even did the CMac Leap over a defender. Scary to see Hunter Renfrow's head hit ground hard after diving for pass..hope he's OK

    WEEK 12 Re-Cap
    Gardiner Minshew ...473 yards passing & 7 TD's!
    David Blough...386 yards passing & 4 TD's
    Will Grier...364 yards passing & 2 TD's + 1 TD Rushing
    Taylor Cornelius ...338 yards passing & 5 TD's + 106 Yards Rushing! & TD
    JT Daniels ....337 yards passing & 2 TD's....still crazy to think he should be HS Senior!
    Ryan Finley....316 yards passing & 4 TD's
    Kenny Pickett...316 yards passing & 3 TD's
    Nathan Elliott...308 yards passing & 2 TD's
    Joe Burrow...307 yards passing & 2 TD's
    Ian Book....292 yards passing & 2 TD's

    Holton Ahlers(East Carolina)....130 yards rushing on 12 carries & TD + 242 Yards passing & 4 TD's
    Zach Abey (Navy)....128 yards rushing on 26 carries & 2 TD's + 15 yards passing
    Nick Fitzgerald ... 85 yards rushing on 14 carries & TD + 127 yds passing & 4 TD's
    Eric Dungey... (injured early 1st Qtr)

    AJ Ouellette...196 yards rushing!! on 26 carries & 2 TD's + 2 rec f
    Kade Remsberg...128 yards rushing on 20 carries ; Cole Fagan 116 yards rushing 17 carries & TD + 1 rec for 14 yds
    Matt Geiger (ODU) ....91 Yards on 17 carries & 3 TD's
    Cade Carney..67 yards on 15 carries
    Anthony Gargiulo...58 yards rushing on 14 carries
    Matt Hadley...55 yards rushing on just 7 carries & 2 TD's
    Max Borghi...50 yards rushing on 8 carries & TD + 6 Rec for 65 yds!
    Sean McGrew....43 yards rushing on 8 carries + 1 rec for 21 yards
    Garrett Groshek...39 yards on 8 carries & TD
    Nate Cottrell...31 yards rushing on 6 carries
    Patrick Laird ....(Cal vs. Stanford ppd. til Dec 1st due to Wildfires)

    Andy Isabella ...15 receptions for 219 yards & 2 TD's vs SEC Georgia
    Dillon Stoner ... 9 receptions for 127 yards
    Austin Maloney (FIU)....3 rec for 107 yards ...he was mentioned once a few weeks ago
    Scott Miller ....6 rec for 100 yards
    Riley Miller...5 rec for 91 yards & TD
    Jack Sorenson...7 rec for 77 yds
    David Sills.... 4 rec for 68 yards & TD
    Tyler Snead...6 rec for 62 yards & 3 TD's...former Walk-on
    Luke Timian...6 rec for 62 yards
    Alex Bachman...4 rec for 60 yards & TD
    Thomas Hennigan...4 rec for 60 yds
    McLane Mannix...3 rec for 57 yds + 1 carry for 10 yards
    Britian Covey...1 rec for 19 yards + 4 carries for 35 yards

    TE Harrison Bryant(FAU)...6 receptions for 138 yards & TD
    Jace Sternberger...4 rec for 85 yds & 2 TD's
    Foster Moreau(LSU) ....5 rec for 73 yards & TD

    Colin McGovern(Stetson)....498 yards passing & 6 TD's!
    Jake Maier (Cal-Davis)....478 yards passing & 4 TD's + 2 TD's rushing
    Devlin Hodges(Samford) ...404 yards passing & 3 TD runs...(Broke Steve McNair's All Time Passing (14,584 yards)
    Dalton Sneed (Montana)...354 yards passing & 2 TD's
    Parker McKinney (Eastern Kentucky)....333 yds passing & 2 TD's

    John Lovett(Princeton) ...123 yds rushing on 20 carries & TD + 255 Yds passing & 3 TD's
    Troy Andersen (Montana St)..107 yds rushing on 23 carries & 3 TD's + 158 yds passing ...FCS Version of Taysom Hill?

    Tucker Yinger (Dayton)... 203 yards! rushing on 21 carries & TD (Career 3,757 yards)
    Joe Protheroe(Cal Poly)...183 yards rushing on 34 carries + 1 rec for 11 yds
    Sam McPherson (EWU)...133 Yards rushing on just 6 carries + 3 rec for 39 yds & TD
    Josh Davis (Weber St)... 128 yards rushing on 27 carries & TD + 5 rec for 25 yards
    Brad Sznajder (Butler)...122 yards rushing on 19 carries & TD + 8 Rec for 73 yards!
    Zane Dudek (Yale)...66 yards rushing on 10 carries + 3 rec for 38 yds

    Pace Temple (Butler) ...14 receptions for 169 yards & 2 TD's
    Jesper Horsted(Princeton) ....8 receptions for 165 yards & 3 TD's! + 19 Yard TD Run
    Bryce Nunnelly (Chattanooga) ...5 receptions for 141 yards...vs SEC So.Carolina
    JP Shohfi (Yale) ....7 rec for 127 yds & TD
    Mitch Gueller (Idaho St)...9 rec for 124 yards & TD
    Jack Cook (Harvard)...4 rec for 116 yds & TD
    JJ Koski (Cal Poly)...4 rec for 109 yards & 2 TD's

    Mike Roussos (Columbia)....91 yard Punt Return TD! & 87 Yard Kickoff Ret TD!
  11. Freethinker

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    Oct 3, 2008
    Brooklyn, New York

  12. Truthteller

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    Oct 19, 2009
    Thanks Freethinker. When Illinois hired Hatie it all made too much sense. Ex-Super Bowl coach for the Bears. Black -- can recruit the inner cities, promising affletes he can get them to the NFL......Personable, with a huge, room-brightening smile.

    All made too much sense, how could it go wrong? Then they lose too Iowa 63-0....which starts 16 white farm boys?

    I can pretty much guarantee the same will happen in Tempe with Herman A.C. (@ss clown) Edwards....He'll be an even bigger train-wreck than Kevin Sumlin in the land of the horse-toothed, Drew Carey glasses wearing wench, Kristen Sinema.

    P.S.: Bret Bielema would be a nice replacement for Hatie?

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  13. wile

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    Sep 29, 2011
    Champaign ain't no garden spot, my kid said it was the worst of the schools visited, the black chicky who lead the tour would not shut up about diversity, which means suburban white kids eat a sh*t sandwich and the town is basically tattoo parlors, Illinois U is a never will be as far as football goes. They should be assigned like crappy english soccer teams.
  14. Heretic

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    May 1, 2015
    Former Illini coach, Bill Cubit, who took over for the fired Tim Beckman in 2015 , was actually doing pretty well. He recruited RB Epstein and was starting to establish a White-friendly and competitive team, but the AD was not going to have any of that, so he was canned and is now relegated to the history books. He was 5-6 when he was let go (after one year), which is not bad considering the programs's history prior to that...but the leash is short for White men at any position, including the coaching ranks.

    Too bad we never got a chance to see what he could do. He was recruiting overlooked (of course) White kids in Illinois that often win out at their respective high schools. Now almost all of them will no longer get a chance as Hatie and the AD look to establish a program that is 100% diverse.
  15. Red raider

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    Jul 23, 2017
    Not sure if he has been mentioned on here but UNLV DB Dalton Baker is up to 102 tackles on the season with 3 for loss, 2 INT, and a FR. He had 98 tackles last season.

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