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    Since 2005, Cal has started 7, 7, 11, 6, 8, 9, 6, 5, 8, 8, 7, and 10 white players. In 2018 they project to increase again to 12 white starters – 55% of offensive and defensive starters. Non-Hispanic whites make up 40.1% of the California population (72.9% if you include Hispanic whites). Whites are overrepresented in the Cal football team as opposed to the California population!

    Certainly a team to root for with both white players at offensive skill positions (Laird and Wharton), an all-white offensive line, and four starters on defense across all three levels. Plenty of seniors on offense means there will be a large rollover for next season, so hopefully they make the most of 2018 and get themselves drafted. Definitely a team to root for in the PAC-12.

    Patrick Laird is without a doubt the star of this team, entering his senior season. In 2017 as a JR he had 191 carries for 1127 yards and 8 TDs, also catching 45 passes for 321 yards and a TD. Vic Wharton caught 67 balls for 871 yards and 5 TDs last season and will hopefully do his draft chances a boost in 2018. Ross Bowers starts at QB for a second straight season, after throwing for over 3,000 yards and 18 TDs last season.

    Jordan Kunaszyk (hard to spell correctly!) will lead the defense after having 74 tackles, 6 for loss, 3.5 sacks, and 2 interceptions for 2017. Kunaszyk is one of four white starters on defense - one on the line (Rusty Becker), two at linebacker (Kunaszyk and Brown), and a defensive back (safety Davis).

    QB: Ross Bowers (JR)
    RB: Patrick Laird (SR)
    WR: Vic Wharton (SR)
    LT: Patrick Mekari (SR)
    LG: Kamryn Bennett (SR)
    C: Addison Ooms (SR)
    RG: Valentino Daltoso (SO)
    RT: Jake Curhan (SO)

    DE: Rusty Becker (SR)
    Mike LB: Jordan Kunaszyk (SR)
    Will LB: Gerran Brown (JR)
    SS: Ashtyn Davis (JR)

    Back-ups on the two-deep include FB Justin Norbeck, TE Ray Hudson, LT Matt Robinson, C Ryan Gibson, RG Michael Saffell, RT Henry Bazakas, and Mike LB Evan Weaver.
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    While researching all division 1 running backs (I have a dozen or two more sleepers to add), Alex Netherda is someone’s that may surface for Cal for a few carries. He’s a redshirt Jr. Another interesting kid is Biaggio Ali Walsh, who is like Wharton...A mixed kid who looks white....Wharton, I believe is 3/4 white with a white wife/girlfriend and kid.
    BAW has a white dad and light skin mom (who just so happens to be Rasheda Ali, the nice looking daughter of the former Cassious Clay)........I’ve watched videos on him, seems like a nice kid......
  3. Heretic

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    May 1, 2015
    Cal should be fun to watch and easy to root for. They just have to win games and at least make it to a bowl game to keep this going. With a White majority team, if they flounder at all, we know who'll be blamed. Seems as though Cal and Stanford have switched the demographics of their teams.
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    Jul 20, 2018
    Let's go Cal! Make some white noise in the PAC12!
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    Wow! This is definitely going to be the team to root for this year. Thanks for the early and positive write up. They open against UNC on 9/1.....
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    Mar 16, 2013
    Thanks RTTAS.

    As discussed earlier WR Wharton doesn't rate for me but rooting for him is an individual choice.

    Cal has surprised of late. First WR Chad Hansen took the Pac 12 by storm and now it is RB Patrick Laird.

    Cal oddly enough has not been that white friendly over the past decade but it only takes a few key white skill players to change things around.

    Laird in my mind is a better prospect than Nall and should get drafted if he continues to play like he did last season.

    Obviously a team to keep an eye on.
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    Oct 16, 2004
    I would have to say Cal, Oregon State, Stanford, Oregon & Washington. The last two are because they
    have dual threat white qb's who have Heisman potential.

    Cal by far is the best team in the Pac 12 to watch and maybe the best team in the country for what people
    here are looking for. Lets' go Cal Golden Bears! :)

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