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    Since 2005, BYU have started 18, 16, 15, 16, 16, 16, 14, 12, 14, 9, 9, 8, and 11 white starters. In 2018 they project to slightly increase to 12 white starters, 13 if you include the full-back. An increase in white starters compared to previous seasons but still a big Poly presence under head coach Kalani Sitake, who I’m sure is very racially unbias (not), who has gone 9-4 then 4-9 in his two seasons at the helm.

    Tanner Mangum will lead the team at QB and will hope to push his case as a future NFL QB. Not much at RB aside from Kyle Griffitts (SO) and starting FB Brayden El-Bakri - won't get as many carries or catches as other FBs but a good blocker who has an NFL future (Richie Incognito said that to ESPN). SR Dylan Collie has transferred from Hawaii to the school his older brother starred at and will likely start as the slot receiver. Good future at the position for BYU with JR Talon Shumway (25 catches in 2017) and highly-rated true FR Gunner Romney (6’2 180) are back-ups at outside WR, while another true FR Brayden Cosper will also join the team. SO Austin Whetzel also on the roster.

    As aforementioned, the DL and LB corps are mostly poly players, with only two non-poly starters in DT Bracken El-Bakri and LB Zayne Anderson – how long until SJW’s protest BYU for their hate of black defensive players? Plenty of defensive backs on the roster, with two starters in CB/Nickelback Beau Tanner and FS Austin Lee. FR Matthew Criddle (brother of former BYU starting DB Ben - possibly play LB), FR Drew Jensen, JR Austin Kafentzis, JR Austin McChesney (actual cornerback - ACL injuries in 2016 and 2017), FR Talan Alfrey, and SR Sawyer Powell.

    QB: Tanner Mangum (SR)
    FB: Brayden El-Bakri (SR)
    WR: Dylan Collie (SR)
    TE: Matt Bushman (SO)
    LT: Brady Christensen (FR)
    LG: Thomas Shoaff (JR)
    C: James Empey (FR)
    RG: Tristen Hoge (SO)
    RT: Austin Hoyt (SR)

    DT: Bracken El-Bakri (SO)
    WLB: Zayne Anderson (SR)
    FS: Austin Lee (JR)
    CB: Beau Tanner (SR)

    Back-ups listed on the two-deep include QB Joe Critchlow, WR Talon Shumway, WR Gunner Romney, LT Kieffer Longson, RG Chandon Herring, LB Riggs Powell, MLB Adam Pulsipher, and SS Tanner Jacobson.
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    No need to worry about DWF reaction to Poly players. For purposes of the caste system, poly's are effectively black in the eyes of the drooling fanboys. See Rey Maualuga.
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    Thanks RTTAS.

    Yes Poly equals non white.

    With a team like Florida State it is a given they will look like caste at it's peak. Everything in place. White skill players apart from TE are not allowed into the stadium.

    BYU used to be one of the whitest teams out there but they have diversified. Funny ( well not really) that the driving trend in sports is for teams like Florida State to always remain very black but teams like BYU are trending non white. Plain and simple there is no balance out there. Black teams remain that way for an eternity as former white teams clamor to get to that stage. Everyone here at Caste is fully aware of this unmovable trend.

    Let me start and just say I do not like their Head Coach. BYU used to be an entertaining passing team but this guy has managed to turn them into a grinding bore. Kafentzis looked like a budding RB but was promptly plopped on defense where we hope he doesn't get hidden.

    I sense this year's team will be less caste oriented than last year's team but it depends especially if there is more of a white WR presence and that they are actually utilized.

    On defense much like ND there are some white DBs and it will be a question if they get playing time.

    There are enough parts to keep BYU above the fray caste wise but in this day and age bankable outcomes are all but certain.
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    Jan 1, 2017
    Beau Hope will get RB carries......
    Can he pass Canada on the depth chart?
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    RB McChesney is on a Mormon mission, which always hurts our counts. Hopefully he can stay in shape and return in good form next year.

    Ty Detmer was canned after two years as the OC, so we'll see this year if the anemic offense was really his fault or the Poly HC. MLB Pulsipher is a stud and should be starting.
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    On BYU's official depth chart released today Collie is the starting slot WR, Bracken El-Bakri is a starter at DT, Beau Tanner is listed at a co-starter at both the nickelback and left CB position. However, Shumway is listed as a back up. Either way BYU will be starting 12 instead of 10 this year.
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    Thanks, will update the original post
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    Beau Tanner is apparently no longer with the team, or not listed on the most current depth chart, and Dylan Collie is listed as backup, but now both Shumway and Romney are listed as starting wide outs.
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    The Collies are quite an athletic family. Dylan WR at BYU...Dad Scott played football at BYU & the CFL...older brother Zach played for BYU...Austin for BYU & NFL...older sister Taylore played golf at Utah Valley & youngest sister Cameryn plays volleyball at Hawaii Pacific. :)

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