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Discussion in 'College Football' started by Deceptive Speed, Sep 22, 2018.

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    Jul 19, 2014
    The Buffalo Bulls started 3 whites in 2017, and I can't find any further write-ups. 2018 will see an uptick to 6 white starters!

    At QB they start a quotaback Tyree Jackson, with a white back-up Kyle Vantrease. They start a 3/5 white OL, along with a white TE (So) Zac Levebvre. They make up for the quotaback by starting a white WR in true (Fr) Charlie Jones, he's had a nice start to 2018 by grabbing 8 rec for 170 yards and 2 TD's already through 3 games!

    Defensively Buffalo project to start 2 whites with (Sr) DT Jake Khoury, and (Jr) LB Matt Otwinowski. They also have a white safety in (Jr) Nick Gallo who's listed on the 2-deep.
    WR- Charlie Jones 6'0 190 (Fr)
    TE- Zac Levebvre 6'6 250 (So)
    LT- Evin Ksiezarczyk 6'6 315 (Jr)
    C- James O'Hagan 6'3 305 (Sr)
    RT- Jake Fuzak 6'5 300 (So)

    DT- Jake Khoury 6'2 300 (Sr)
    MLB- Matt Otwinowski 6'2 230 (Jr)

    Ones to watch for in 2018: QB (So) Kyle Vantrease, TE (Fr) Julien Bourassa, OG (Jr) Michael Kenefick, OG (Fr) Jacob Gall, LB (Fr) Jake Zimmer, S (Jr) Nick Gallo
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    The amount of crappy quotabacks littering the college ranks is absurd.

    Historically, there have been only a handful of great black quarterbacks as we all know. Now a logical person would reason that recruiting White quarterbacks would lead to an overall better rate of success. However, we are seeing the opposite happen. Coaches and programs, to use a horse racing analogy, are betting on the colt with the worst odds and hoping to win. Since most humans are not this stupid, it shows that there must be other factors like social conditioning and affirmative action at play.

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