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    Since 2006, Bowling Green has started 12, 9, 9, 11, 9, 10, 12, 7, and 10 white starters, with a few missing write-ups in between. In 2018 Bowling Green project to fall back to 7 white starters – the QB, a WR, and the offensive line. Would be the quintessential caste team if WR Miller was converted into a TE.

    WR Scott Miller is the main reason to watch this team. After statlines of 74/968/10 and 63/722/4 the last two seasons, Miller has exploded into 2018 with a 13/166/2 start against Oregon. Backing him up is RS FR Colin Debord (all-Ohio in track and field), while also on the roster is SR Justin Sawmiller who is the #2 punt returner. No RBs on the roster right now, but they have a 2019 hard commit in 6’1 195lbs Darren Anders.

    No starters on defense is very disappointing, hopefully the three back-ups can get plenty of starting time.

    QB: Jarret Doege (SO)
    WR: Scott Miller (SR)
    LT: Lorenzo Taborn (JR)
    LG: Jack Kramer (JR)
    C: Caleb Bright (SO)
    RG: John Kurtz (SR)
    RT: Austin Labus (SR)


    Back-ups listed on the two-deep include QB Grant Loy, WR Colin Debord, TE Presley Motes, LT Derek Downs, LG Matthew Tanner, C Sam Neverov, RT Zach Dziengelewski, DT Nico Lautanen, DE Jordan Murphy, and LB Jerry Judd.
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    Thanks RTTAS.

    Absolutely RTTAS this is a one man team until hopefully more "troops" arrive.

    WR Miller has wheels and was a track star in High School. He has to be monitored very closely but since he is not high up enough on the big NFL lists he will really have to perform at a high level and deliver impressive stats this season.

    Due to is size he projects strictly as a slot/PR at the NFL level. A little taller than Cole Beasley who I think is an apt comparison.

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