2018 Bowl Season

Discussion in 'College Football' started by Jimmy Chitwood, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. northwinds

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    Oct 3, 2010
    Trevor Lawrence makes the cover of Sports Illustrated at 19 years old ‘Too Good To Be True’...... is the title
  2. Quiet Speed

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    Dec 19, 2004
    Trevor Lawrence! I might have a reason to watch college football some. I support White athletes on Caste Football. But I will say Tua is a gifted thrower. Can he excel when the going gets really really tough? We shall see throughout the rest of his career at Alabama and early pros. Anyway good to see Saban lose.
  3. Shadowlight

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    Mar 16, 2013
    Have to admit I am shocked that Vinnie Sunseri played so recently. Lost track. Good job Truthteller and America for bringing him to our attention.

    Sunseri was a great special teams gunner his freshman year at Alabama and started seeing more playing time on defense as a sophomore. I recall he was on a frustrating substitute system for the longest while. Records show he started as a CB no less in the 2013 title game against Notre Dame as a sophomore. Yes he tore his ACL half way through his junior season in 2013.

    He was a dynamic player I do remember that. Of course an ACL tear is close to a death sentence for a budding white star. I remember being bummed about it since he was such a fast promising athlete.

    Oddly enough while researching the game I discovered Notre Dame also featured a white DB starter in that 2013 title game, safety Zeke Motta.
  4. Truthteller

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    Oct 19, 2009
    Shadowlight, I guess Steltz was the last real prominent player to start in a title game. By that I mean one of the best players on his team and a legit NFL prospect, at the same time. Either way, I'm glad I was wrong!

    I'm going to have "edit" my prior post. Listening to Sunseri on the video I linked from his Pro Day he mentioned he didn't get to play safety until his junior year. I automatically assumed, given his size and skin color, he was being played at linebacker. Glad I was wrong....But considering the fact that he actually started the title game at cornerback, it makes it even more incredible that he could not carve out a decent career as an NFL safety. He possessed the requisite size, speed and intelligence, as a coaches son. Too bad things did not work out for him. He turned 25 last fall, so he's younger than I thought. I noticed he's doing football commentary on Facebook. I suppose he's trying to break into broadcasting?

    As far as Zeke, who had 16 tackles in the title game, that is a name I totally forget. Didn't remember he was drafted and played a season in the NFL. I must say, just saw his Combine numbers and they were not great (4.75/40). Not even good for a DB. I guess we can't assume all whites are being screwed over due to race only, but a lot are.
  5. chris371

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    Dec 1, 2006

    Heres the 6'3 safety speeding away.

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